First Letter


The view from Bryan’s MTC window





The view outside the MTC

I really love it here. It isn’t as hard as I thought the first few days would be. It is kind of crazy here though, but I like it.

I get a lot of a attention from everyone. Sometimes this is good and sometimes bad. I get called on a lot for things like prayer and I have already given a talk. They use me and my name for all of the examples in the lessons. A lot of the African Elders greet me with a really loud hello. The first two days they gave us some weird food but the last few days…

I get to go to the temple today and I think that will be really cool and fun. Other than that, I am not sure what to say. Send me your questions and I can try to answer them.

*We want to post an experience shared by Elder Stanford McCullough from the MTC in Ghana.

“My favorite moment at the MTC was when we were role playing, and Elder Orton was practicing teaching Elder Ehelofun. He has a thick accent and is often hard to understand. Bryan asked him what he has been doing all day, and he replied that he was washing his feet. We could not believe this response and I thought it was mean to use such a thing to practice, and Elder Orton could not believe it either so he exclaimed, YOU WERE WASHING YOUR FEET? The Elder had said it with a straight face but smiled at this comment and said, No, I was watching TV. We all burst out laughing and none of us could pull ourselves to role play again without laughing  for the rest of the day.”

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