Handshakes and Bird Whistles

So how are things going? I have a random story. You know how I can do that bird whistle? Yeah, the Africans love it. They ask me to do it over and over and laugh about it every time. They all know me for that reason so in the halls at the MTC everyone would be saying hi. The way they kind of do that is by this crazy handshake. The handshake looks like one two friends would make up. But that is how they greet each other here. So it takes me a really long time to go places.

I have been really good and doing about 10x better then I thought I would. The MTC sounded like it would be a lot harder, so it not being as hard was unexpected. I have seen a couple of missionaries who have had a really hard time. Some can’t  understand anyone and don’t like the food. They told me they had no idea the MTC would be this hard. I guess it is just what you come here expecting and your attitude towards it.

There have been some interesting challenges, but I got through it. When I said goodbye to my companion, I gave him one of my old ties and that was a really big deal for him. He took it and just looked at it for a bit and said thank you a bunch of times. He said he would always remember me and that he would miss me a lot. He was from Nigeria and is serving in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am in some extremely nice motel in Ghana and my flight for Liberia leaves tomorrow.


The Ghana Temple – picture by Elder Orton


Elder Orton at the Ghana Temple

Ghana Temple Grounds

Ghana Temple Grounds – picture by Elder Orton

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