Congo Town

It has been really cool so far. My companion’s name is Elder Widdison from Hooper, Utah. I am serving in a part of Congo Town. There are 8 of us in the apartment and most of the time we walk to get places. It is too far to walk to church so we take a taxi. It costs half a US dollar to take a taxi to church.


Elder Widdison cutting coconuts from apartment tree



I guess I smile a lot and it is awesome how they react here when you smile at them. The kids get this huge smile on their faces and then wave. This member that I was teaching said how he thinks we will be good friends. He said he loves to see me smile because it makes him feel like he is a friend. I thought that was kind of cool. The kids on the street run up to us and say, “White man, hello” or “Chinese man.” It has been fun.

I have not had any Internet here until now. The picture I sent last time was from the mission office when I arrived. I do not have running water and no shower. We haven’t needed to go tracting really. One example, we were walking here and someone stopped us and wanted to know about our church. We give him a pamphlet and got his number and where he lived to go teach him later. He seemed happy about our appointment.

My first day here I talked to a girl who decided to tell us about a dream she had. It was absolutely amazing. We taught her a lesson about how families can be forever. We told her about how our church does temple work. She said in her dream her grandma that died came to her and told her to pray. Her grandma told her that if she did pray, her prayers would be answered. Her grandma basically said that she needed help with something. Her grandma said if you pray then you will find someone that can help me. This took place the night before we came.

I have already had a bunch of cool things happen.  I have loved it here things are great. It totally is like the classic Africa you see on tv but there are no crazy animals walking around. I have had some good food, haha, but I will tell you more about that later.

Things are great.

Love, Elder Orton



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