Spice it up

Answering your question about what a typical day is like – The usual day is getting up and ready for the day. We teach until 6:00. We eat and go back to plan and study. We also clean and wash-up. Then we make our food. We have to get our water from the well.

Yes, please send spice packets. We can get most everything from a store in town every Monday but the food is really expensive and we don’t have that much to work with. All we eat is stuff added into rice because that is what we can get.

Our mail is really inconsistent. I haven’t received the card yet. We receive mail every 3 weeks to 3 months. Some of the mail we wait until the couple missionaries can give it to us.

I live in a very crowded area but our new branch has only around 20 people in it.

In answering your question about exercising and fun – we live half a mile from the beach. We are allowed a certain amount of time each day and play Frisbee or soccer during that time.

Take care,

Elder Orton

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