More Power To Them

I don’t have much time to write. The internet connection is not great. We multi-task at the computer. We write home while the computer is loading as we are doing reports to the Mission President.

In our apartment we have 5 missionaries from the US, one from Kenya, one from Niagara, and one from Liberia. We all are becoming friends.

We can get bread but it is made by a family here and it is very plain. We all have an individual allotment per month. We also have an apartment leader who is over the money for things like security, gas for the generator, and other stuff. Everything is very expensive so we make due.

Can you send super glue?

You wanted to know how much electricity we get each day. For power we have to use a generator and it is only used for three hours a day.

Here we will insert some commentary from the family. Bryan’s brother, Joey, sent the family text list this tweet:


Afterward, Bryan’s brother, Rob, replied with:

“It turns out it is easier to consume electricity when you have electricity.”

Later Rob followed up with:

“Because the cowboys are taking it all. New saying… turn off the lights there are people in Africa without electricity.”

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