Let There Be Light

Bryan is currently serving in the Matadi Zone of his mission. The picture he sent last week was of a place called Peace Island. This week he told us, “Peace Island is where almost all of our investigators live. We are teaching 26 households which if you count them all individually we have 50 or so we have been teaching lessons to.”

My week has felt very short. One thing I remember that was cool was Tuesday we went to visit one of our investigators, Princess. As we started to talk with her this angry man came up behind her. He is someone we have run into before and is crazy. He said in a really mean way, “Are you really listening to them?” Our investigator said, “Yes.” The man then asked, “You actually believe them? What church are they from anyway?” She replied, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and yes I do believe them.” This guy was kind of surprised by her answer and stumbled for words. We cut the man off by telling Princess it was nice talking to you and said goodbye. She smiled and turned and went inside her house and didn’t even look at the man standing right there. We turned and started to walk away. I looked back and he just appeared like he felt out of place. He looked around the area and kicked some pebbles and walked away. Both me and my companion were really surprised she stood up for the church because we had not been teaching her for that long. Her response was so sincere.

We are getting a new chapel and we are moving into it this week. It is really close to our area so hopefully more people will start to come. This will be really nice for us because we won’t have to walk 3 miles to church and 3 miles back.

We found out that one of our best investigators is not actually married so now we are teaching 6 couples that need to get married before they get baptized. I hope that all works out because if they join that will be 6 families in the church and it would be so cool. We just found out our apartment is getting electricity at least when we are allowed to have it. We won’t have to use the generator anymore!

I have had multiple people say that they trust us. They are more interested in what we have to say no matter what it is.

We asked about the Branch President and the experience he has had. Bryan reported, “He knows what to do. He is great. He was a bishop back before the war when they had a Stake. It is smaller now because no one has been coming because it has been so far away.”

We perform some service projects where we have cleaned up a road cutting the grass with a straight or slightly curved blade and swept it all up. We have also helped make yards for people that live in swamps.

When asked if he has found any African food that he likes he replied with, “I like fried potato greens with rice and cow skin has good flavor but most of it just tastes the same to me.”
9_2013 Helping Hands

This picture is of Elder Orton, Sister Miles, and Elder Widdison taking part in a Helping Hands Project. The picture is thanks to Elder and Sister Miles.

9_2013 Helping Hands 2350 Young Men and Women working on a project for all of Monrovia and Bushrod Island Districts. This picture is via Elder and Sister Miles.

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