It was a week crazy week. One day we were not allowed out of the apartment because of some demonstrations against the President of the country.

We had a ton of meetings this week. I went on an exchange so I didn’t get very many hours of teaching in and so that was lame. With the new building for the branch to meet in we had a ton more people attend church. That was good.

The missionaries in the apartment are pretty great. It is fun to talk with them.

I have only gotten the letter with the pictures so far. I didn’t get the packages. Tell grandpa thanks for sending the money.

You asked about the people in the branch and I have learned crazy stories about some of the things that happened in the war but they are way too long to write about. I am writing in my journal every day.

In a handwritten letter to his sister Amy: “I have seen monkeys. The first one I saw hates anyone that does not have black skin. It was someone’s pet and left tied up to a tree. It started freaking out up in the tree. It was funny.”

“It is raining. It rains really hard and a lot. Crazy thunder. Also, we are low on fuel for the generator so maybe next time I will be writing by the light of a candle.”

In a handwritten letter to his sister Lindsey: “You are right about one thing, African babies are real cute. I hope all is going well and if not, read the scriptures or a talk or something.”


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