Let the Little Children Come Unto Me


This week was crazy. There was another unexpected transfer but this time it was me. I was moved to Gardnersville with Elder Poulson. On Thursday we got a call from the Mission President. He talked to me on the phone and told me that he had been thinking about it and thinking about it and felt impressed to move me. He told me he knows it will be a good move. I was told to be packed and ready to go Saturday at 2:00. So now I am in a different area.

I have only been with Elder Poulson for 3 days and it has been great. I have really enjoyed teaching the people in this area. I think the area will take me a bit to find my way around but that is totally fine and expected. This change/transfer was really sudden and unexpected but I think it has already helped me. I have been able to realize how much I actually learned from Elder Widdison. Because of this change I have been able to apply a lot more of what I learned. I have enjoyed having Elder Poulson as a companion. We work well together and I think and we have been able to switch off teaching really well so every lesson is taught by both of us evenly.

I have received one of the packages you asked about. I got it Saturday. The package was the one with the spice packets and candy so thanks for that. For your information, never send money in a package. Sending money in a letter thing like you did the first time works because they don’t really look through the letters. They went through my package (the Liberian mail people) and ate some of the candy hahaha and ripped open the powdered mashed potatoes.

Oh, a small story here, after sacrament meeting the kids go up to eat the left over bread. The bread is put on something else like a plate so it is not as symbolic. I asked the couples about this and they told me if it is on a plate it is fine. Most of the children really don’t have food. They also said if there were starving kids and there was some bread leftover what do you think Jesus would do watch them starve? I say Jesus would declare, “Let the children come unto me.”


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