Things here have been great. I feel I have improved a lot. I had been participating a lot more in the teaching than in weeks past. I was reading from Preach My Gospel and it talks about the difference the spirit can make in your confidence with teaching. Confidence hasn’t been a problem lately and I can feel the spirit more present in all the lessons. I really enjoy teaching with Elder Poulson and the branch is becoming more and more involved. It has been great to see the progress.

Elder Poulson likes basketball and lived in Kansas before moving to California. He is nice and easy going.

The food is tolerable and I am a lucky missionary that I have not suffered from stomach issues. The apartment we are in has a ton of bugs and mice. It is part of the church for the other Branch. We are looking at a new place to move in to.

I was fasting for my investigators and prayed that they would come to church because last week we didn’t have any. This week 5 or 6 investigators came and that was cool to see.

We went to visit an old lady and we told her how we missed her at church. She almost started to cry and told us how she is no longer able to walk. She has not moved from the room we were in for a very long. She said how she was so grateful that we came to visit her and how it was exactly what she needed. We told her if she needs we can have the sacrament brought to her every week. She then said, “No, I will crawl to church next week if I have to because I need to be with my brothers and sisters in church. I don’t know how much time I have left.”

We have the most amazing man come with us to teach. His name is Brother Tomas. He is so nice and will help the missionaries with anything they need. He has no job and he just got kicked out of his house. It has been hard to see someone so nice suffer. He slept outside one night. Another man who didn’t know him found out about this and he offered Brother Tomas to say with him. This man said that he admired Brother Tomas and said he can see that he is good. Yesterday he was walking with us and found 5 US dollars which can give you a lot here. It was great to see how the Lord can bless good people.


Gardnersville District providing service with Elder Dahlin, front right


Elder Poulson clearing a trail

Elder Orton cutting pathways with a machete

Elder Orton cutting pathways with a machete

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