Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

This week went by very fast. We did not have as many lessons but all of the lessons this week were very good. It was a week of quality over quantity. I really have enjoyed the area and the people we have been teaching. Elder Poulson and I get a long perfectly and it has been great.

It was a good week. I was able to see how important it is not to judge a book by its cover. My companion and I were walking on the street and these four teenage girls came running up to us and asked for a something to read. They want us to teach them. (Things like this seem to happen all the time with teenagers. Most of the times they are doing it just for fun and when we go to teach them they tell us they are too busy and run away.) This time, we went to teach and they sat down and listened and asked good questions. Then they even came to church yesterday and it was crazy for me to realize they are serious about the church.

With another lesson this week we had an investigator that we had talked with earlier. He came to church the last week and told us about how the experience he had at the church was amazing. He told us how he left that meeting feeling like he never had before. He said he was so happy afterwards and didn’t know why. He then went on to tell us how he realized that what he felt was the spirit and how he stared to study what we gave him. He bore a very powerful testimony about how he now knows the church is true. He told us last week, “I will make it my responsibility to come to church every week” AND IT WAS LESSON NUMBER 2!

A member who likes to come teach with us is Brother Owen. He is really cool. We were in a lesson and Elder Poulson’s eye contact came out. Brother Owen’s had no idea what was going on. We ended up teaching him about contacts and washing machines and dish washers and he was amazed by it all. Brother Owen’s had no idea things like that existed. We never even mentioned microwaves and things like that haha.

For our service we cut a lot of grass with machetes. This week I ate a chicken’s foot and some fufu.

It was a good week.

Elder Orton cutting pathways with a machete

Elder Orton cutting pathways with a machete

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