The Spirit is the Best Guide

This week has been yet another great week with some investigators showing amazing commitment and improvement. One of our investigators name is P_. She contacted us a couple weeks ago. She came up to us on the street and asked for us to come visit her. We set a time with her for a few days later. We were able to meet with her on the day and time we had set. She also had four other friends that were able to attend that lesson and all of them had great questions and concerns. It was a lesson where the presence of the spirit was really apparent. I could tell that they felt it too, and that they were satisfied by the by all the answers given them. I was able to realize that it was the spirit that guided us in our teaching and also at the same time helped them to understand and learn from what we said. We asked all of them to read and pray about The Book of Mormon and extended baptismal dates to all of them. All of them but one said yes. I was happy to find out that P_ did read and pray about The Book of Mormon. She told her friend about how that night she had a dream about The Book of Mormon and she was told in her dream it was true.

Since this lesson P_ and her friend J_ have been coming to church and attending seminary regularly. We also found out when they came to church that they have friends that are already members and are attending our branch. So things have been going very well but then Saturday we found out her mom was told that The Book of Mormon is demonic and would not allow her to go to the conference. She came to us crying and telling us she wouldn’t be able to go the conference on Sunday. We asked if we could talk with her mom to try and help her mom understand The Book of Mormon better. P_ said her mom is only home on Sundays. We told her that we would come to visit with her mom as soon as we get back. She seemed happier and said she would let her mom know.

During the District’s Conference we had President LeGrand Curtis Jr., the Africa West Area President, as the visiting authority. The Conference was really great. Some officials from the Liberian Government like Senators and Representatives came. For the meeting it was so full inside the building that some of the members waited outside the opened windows the full time to hear what was said.

Yesterday, after the conference we were able to see P_’s mom. The lesson went very well and her mom went from being opposed to The Book of Mormon to being very interested in it. We also extended a baptismal date to her but she was not ready to commit to anything. She did say she will let her daughter join our church. This was altogether an amazing experience, one I think I will never forget.

Also, I did have a pretty good week but I got sick yesterday. We were teaching and it was going great. All of the sudden I felt very sick. I was about to turn around and throw-up but I held it in. I said a prayer that if I have to be sick that maybe my sickness could at least be postponed. Then I immediately felt better. The rest of the lesson went great. Then on the way back to the apartment I felt sick again. After getting back home I threw-up 12 times. To me it was a miracle that I was able to finish that lesson and that I was able to notice the feeling of sickness completely leave me as soon as I had asked for it. I feel great today so it is a blessing that the sickness did not last.

Everyone from my apartment got to stay at the mission home for a night because we had a conference. Because we live so far away they let us stay there. So I was able to get the Christmas packages but it was only the two packages nothing else for some reason. Thanks for that. I opened the package that I knew from what you said was inside but I am saving the other package for Christmas. So thanks 🙂 ps- letters can take a very long time to get here but they are still fun to send 🙂

Elder Orton

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