Inspired Leaders

Wow, it always seems like you have about 10,000 X more happening in a week then I do. Here is my typical day. We get up at 6:30 and pray as an apartment. Then we eat and exercise. At 8:00 we have personal study for one hour. At 9:00 we have companionship study time for an hour. Then we get our stuff together and leave the apartment at 10:30 getting to our first apointment at 11:00. We teach for 45 minutes and then we walk about 15 minutes to our next appointment. We stop by a member’s house to eat when we have time. We finish everything about 6:30 and we walk back home. Then we have what we call a closing to the day for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Then we get the small things done like eating, sewing, scriptures, and writing letters. Then we get a bucket and we take turns washing off. Then we have our nightly devotional and finish that by 10:20. Then we brush our teeth and go to bed and repeat. Miraculous things happen but I try to tell them to you if they do. I am good, I am trying, I am very tired every day. I am so surprised to see how fast this week has gone.

I have been enjoying teaching with Elder Poulson. I have loved to see how much our branch president has invested his time and efforts in helping the branch grow. This past week we were able to meet with him. He was very encouraging for me. He is inspiring for me and the rest of the Elders. He is such a great man and has such a strong testimony that strengthens everyone who hears it. The Branch President talked about how the Mission President is inspired to say the things he says and do the things he does. He also told us he has seen our Mission President’s advice and counsel make a great difference for everyone that follows it. It was great to see the Branch President supports our Mission President and us as missionaries.

I have a small random story: yesterday in church, someone was talking about how our church leaders are inspired. Then they mentioned how before the war got really bad they got news that they had to stop meeting in the church buildings and they needed to start meeting in their homes. I guess that made a lot of people mad but they started to meet in the homes. They then found out right after that an entire congregation was massacred in a Baptist church during their service. This was a crazy example of how the Lord can see what we can’t and even if we don’t see the reason for it there is one.

Thank you for your emails. I really enjoy different perspectives on the same week it is cool to see.

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  1. Holly says:

    Bryan, I’m so excited that you are in Africa. Remember when I wouldst are experiences in SS about Zambia. Hang in there. I wish I could be on a mission. My time is coming.

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