Immersed in a Great Work

I really enjoyed this week for so many reasons. I was able to call home and it was great to be able to talk with everyone in my family and hear more about how things are going. I think we got a good two months’ worth of questions answered.

This week I went on splits with Elder Dahlin and that went very well. We taught well together and had good lessons with each investigator we saw. We also were able to see Nelson baptized and confirmed this week. He was an investigator I believe I have talked about before. Nelson has an amazing testimony and is someone that is a true convert and not just a baptism. You can see how the Lord prepared him for the gospel before we started to teach him. A branch member worked with him and brought him to us. It is incredible to see how much you can learn from teaching and how much you can learn from those you teach. I am so grateful for the chance I have to live among such remarkable people and be immersed in such a great work.

Just another thing we could add to a good week is how much we have improved our teaching and progress records using the advice we received from the last conference. It has been a great week of improvement and learning for both me and Elder Poulson.

Random story: Earlier I moved my bed against the wall and I guess that killed and flattened a lizard and a rat and that made the room smell for a good two days. We were going crazy trying to find where the smell was coming from. We are still trying to clear the air a little.

Note from family: Elder Orton sent home a flash drive with pictures from Liberia. He especially likes to take nature shots. We have made a collage of these pictures to give a feel for life in Liberia.
Elder Orton in Liberia







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  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    Very nice photos Bryan. I’m glad you have time to enjoy God’s creations.

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