Raise Up Your Voice

This was a pretty interesting week. Elder Poulson and I walked 4 miles to our first appointment. The walk was totally worth it because the people we met with were some of our best investigators. They come to church every week and are really dedicated.

We also went to a lesson to someone that had contacted us. It was our first lesson with her and it went very well. At one point in the lesson she asked if we sang hymns in our church. We answered yes. She then asked, “Well, can you sing one for us?” We at first said, “We don’t really have the best of voices. Maybe you could come to Church and you would be able to hear the songs there?” She was insistent that we should sing a hymn for her. So we finally gave in and we decided to sing, I Am a Child of God. She seemed to have been touched by the song. She thanked us for singing and then complimented us both on our voices. She said that we shouldn’t be ashamed of voices like that. Anyway, it was something that hadn’t really happened to me before so it was a fun little experience.

It was a pretty interesting week.

Liberian Frog and Spider by my apartment

Liberian frog and spider by Elder Orton’s apartment

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