The Fox Got Away

So this was also a good week. You asked about New Year’s traditions in Liberia. Where I am, they have something called “Watch Night” or something where they go to church at midnight and pray and thank God for the year and ask for a good life for the year to come; then they all bang pans and beat drums and walk around in the street singing.

Elder Poulson and I went to one of the bushiest places in our area. What a cool experience it was. We were teaching this guy named Moses. In the middle of the lesson a fox came and was chasing a chicken around. Then the fox got away with one of the chicks. Moses got up and ran after the fox because these were his chickens. Moses went out so far and we lost sight of him for a bit. I guess the fox got away and so Moses came back. Then the lesson resumed like nothing happened. I was trying not to laugh. I also got a picture of a monkey and a few of this bushy area.

Liberian Bush Area

Liberian Bush Area

Our investigators seem to be real converts and not just baptisms. All of our baptisms so far have been member referrals and all have been great converts. Then this past Saturday we had a baptism for Sister Krubo. Her brother is Moses that I just told you about. This was a great experience. Sister Krubo has a strong testimony. She has very regular scripture study with the members she lives with. Reading the scriptures has made a big difference in her life and it has been great to witness this. I have a very real testimony of member referrals.

Elder Poulson and Elder Orton at Sister Krubo's Baptism

Elder Poulson and Elder Orton at Sister Krubo’s Baptism

Last night we all got a text from the AP’s saying that our mission set the record for all missions in the Church for having members present during the missionary lessons. I thought that was cool.

Playground for kids and a spider to eat the mosquitoes

Playground for kids and a spider to eat the mosquitoes

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