Moving In The Right Direction

This was a really good week. Elder Poulson and I were able to actualize or exceed all of our goals and that felt really good. We also had a meeting with our Branch Mission Leader this week and it was a good thing we were finally able to meet with him. In a way he was saying how he was sorry he has been slacking off lately, he did give a few excuses but it looks like he should be stepping it up this week. Our Branch President also has been trying very hard to help us as missionaries. He will make sure our correlation meetings will be held from now on. He even made up a weekly scheduled for us and the branch. Our investigators have been improving and our teaching pool has gotten a little bit bigger. We tried to leave some time so we could see our recent converts. President Kirkham sent us a talked called, “The Candle of the Lord,” by President Boyd K. Packer. I loved this talk it was GREAT! This talk inspired me and motivated me.

Elder Poulson and I have been looking for apartments on our way to all our lessons. It has been a really difficult search. The apartment that President Sayon came to see I think is our best option. In this area right now every apartment this good or better is taken or has something that would make it not fit for missionaries. That is why I think this one is our best option as of now.

We met an older white lady this week who came up to us and that was strange. She is a Methodist Pastor and has married a Liberian. She is very nice and lives here. She wanted to talk to us about how she heard it is super cold in the States right now. She asked where we were from. She also talked about food and how she won’t become a Mormon. She said it was nice to talk with us and mentioned we can stop by any time.

It seems like the mission is improving a lot. The apartments are starting to change and get better. It seems like the branches are doing better too so that is cool. I found out I like sardines and that is kind of random and interesting.

This past month we walked 207.78 miles.

Cute Liberian Children

Elder Orton sent this picture of two cute Liberian children that he said just saw a white man for the first time

Rice they eat almost every meal and a random old shoe that was intriguing

Rice they eat almost every meal and a random old shoe that was intriguing

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  1. Richard Orton says:

    Thanks for sharing, we love to read your letters and enjoy your Testimony. Great Uncle Richard and LeAnn Orton

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