Making Ground Stable

This was another good week and a lot happened. I did get transferred and now I am in Caldwell. Elder and Sister Hezseltine came and picked me up. This area is a little farther away. It took about an hour to get here. I think the Caldwell area has two branches that are part of the Monrovia Liberia Bushrod Island District. We travelled with my new companion Elder Falemai who is from Samoa. There are four of us in this apartment. The other two missionaries are from Zimbabwe and Arizona. My apartment is 100x better compared to the last one.

We had another service project this week. The project was in a really cool swamp area. We worked in an investigators yard which keeps flooding. We cut up a bunch of branches to mix with the dirt. This makes the ground more stable and higher to help against future floods.

This computer is not working and won’t send pictures. Something happened with the computer and it deleted the pictures from my camera and I have to figure it out. I do think I have a backup.

Map of Caldwell

Map of Caldwell

Kenneth Best, the publisher of the Daily Observer newspaper said, “Caldwell, one of the oldest towns in Liberia, having predated the country’s independence by a quarter century, is now but one of Monrovia’s several sleeper suburbs which from a sprawling arc to the north of the capital, in the center of Montserrando County, and are collectively referred to by locals as “Across.””

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