Eency Weency Spider—Not

Thanks for your emails. It sounds like a lot happened this week. It was a really fast week for me. It was kind of cool to realize it has been 6 months of serving my mission already. My new companion is great. All of the Elders in our apartment are fun to work with. We only have four Elders in this apartment versus the eight in the past two apartments I have lived in. That means it is A LOT easier to keep clean.

The work is moving forward as always. I was very happy with how many lessons we had this week. We had 28 lessons and that is something because one day was filled with meetings and we have to be in at 7:00 each evening. Things in general are going well. My apartment is amazing. We have a freezer in this apartment and that is really nice. My last apartments did not have one. Our electricity here is supplied to us by a local with a generator so we have power from about 7:00 at night until 6:30 in the morning.

The Caldwell area where I am serving is great. This area has a lot more trees and feels more like a jungle type of place. It also has a HUGE river which is cool.

Oh, I was able to restore all of my pictures on my camera from last week so that is good.

A couple of random stories:

Haha, one day this week I had really bad luck with spiders during lessons. The first lesson of the day a little kid was playing with my hair. I kind of just let him play with my hair during the lesson. He was behind me and I didn’t realize that he had walked away. [Many of these kids have not seen hair that is not tight and curly like their own.] It felt like he was still playing with my hair. My companion looked up and yelled, “There is a spider on your head.” I very quickly went to brush it off. I hit the spider and it didn’t come off. Then I hit the spider again and it flew across the room and went in a hole, haha. It was kind of big. The spider was almost like the spider on that card in the picture I sent you earlier. [The spider on the picture was over 3 inches wide.] Then during the next lesson I had two jumping spiders jump on me. They were not as big but it was still kind of crazy.

We were walking to a place to get two of my shirts fitted and stopped by a member’s home who could do this kind of work. When we walked in her shop she was asking how the other elder that served in the area was. We said he was good. She told us that she had a dream about him last night. Then she said every time she dreams about a white man she gets money the next day. I then said, “Wow, that’s really funny because we came here to have you fit some of my shirts for me.” She just laughed and said, “See, every time.” It only costs like a dollar per shirt but she appreciated the money.

Friendly Liberian monkey greeting Elder Orton

Friendly monkey greeting Elder Orton

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