Twenty Buckets

This week I was able to go on two exchanges. I had one exchange Tuesday and one Wednesday. Having two exchanges made the work just a little more complicated for me. The first one was not in my area and the second was. It was a little more difficult to plan for the exchange in my area for the next day but it all worked out.

I had a great time with Elder Dahlin on Tuesday. I really liked meeting all of his wonderful investigators. The one that stuck out most to me was a girl named Fanta who has a lot of faith and has accepted everything that has been taught her. She is very smart and helps her family so much. The family relies completely on her to do a lot of the house work and cooking. That was her main concern because she said she really wants to come to church but she prepares food for a lot of people – more than 10 but I don’t remember the exact amount. It takes her a long time to prepare the food in the morning so she really does not think she will be on time.

The rest of the day went well. I really enjoyed seeing all the people in his area. Then the next day I went on an exchange with Elder Godi in my area. It was a frustrating day for me because I did not feel like I had planned well enough. I didn’t get back from the exchange the day before until an hour before we needed to leave. We experienced a lot of bounces in the morning and all of the backups fell through. Some of the backups included members who said they would meet up with us to go teach.

So what we ended up doing is contacting people. After a bit of contacting we met with a member. Elder Godi asked if they knew any less active members that lived around here. They did not take much time to think about this and replied, “Yes. There is a girl named Massa that lives next to the church. She has not come since December.” (I was a little bit surprised because I am still new to the area and did not know there were any members that lived next door.) So we went to see her because we had time right then. We walked up to the house next to the church and met a group of people there. We asked if they knew a girl named Massa. They all said no. We thanked them and then walked passed them where we saw a girl outside washing her school uniform. We walked up to her and asked, “Are you Massa?” She said, “Yes I am.” being a little bit surprised. We introduced ourselves and sat down and had a small lesson. We found out she just started going to her grandma’s church and liked it so stayed. She has been going there for the past two months. We asked a few more questions and then invited her to church. She said she would come. Then we said a prayer. We thanked her for her time and said it was nice to meet her. After the lesson, one of the people from the group we met and walked by and said, “Oh, this is Massa?” (It was interesting the people that lived next door did not know her.) After talking with Massa we went over to the Young Woman’s President and told her a little bit of what happened. We then showed the Young Woman’s President Massa’s house and encouraged her to talk with her and invite her to church.

After this experience all went as planned. We had some good lessons and then finished up the day. It was interesting to look back at the day and wonder if our morning plans fell though just so we would meet Massa and talk to the Young Woman’s President about her. I was also amazed that there was a less-active member that lived so close to the church and that members knew about her but had not made efforts to help reactivate her. Massa lives next door to the church where all the leaders meet and where we go to church every Sunday. No one told us about her until we asked. We should all watch out for each other.

It was another productive week. Unfortunately Massa was unable to come to church this week but we still had another great turn out at church Sunday so that felt nice. So I guess to sum it up it was another good week. We have had 60 lessons in the past two weeks.

There are four missionaries in our apartment. Each one of us has thousands of individual qualities and personal struggles like everyone else. Elder Gunnell is a pretty cool guy from Arizona and we get along well. Elder Godi has a cool African British accent and reminds me of some Kung Fu master that meditates and is slow, cool, and composed. I have told you before about my companion, Elder Falemai is from Samoa and he is always happy and he is funny.

You asked if we use well water in this area. We don’t have a well here. A water truck comes and fills up a 500 gallon tank that holds 20 or so buckets full. That is the amount of water we use for three or so weeks, oh well – haha.

Caldwell is a lot smaller then my last area. We walk almost a third of what we did in Gardnersville. Right now in Liberia we are seeing a really weird climate change. February and March are supposed to be the hottest months with no rain. It has been cooler and out of the normal everything when it comes to the weather.

It was pretty fun to meet with the Berrett’s they are really cool. I got to know them better and talk with them at the other apartment’s district meeting. I was there because of that exchange with Elder Dahlin. The Berrett’s are really cool and they gave me a tootsie pop that was really good.

I haven’t received the Ensign you mailed but I did get two letters from you this week.

That sums it up.

The Berrett's took this picture of Elder Orton

The Berrett’s took this picture of Elder Orton

The Berrett's took this picture of Elder Orton, Elder Bangura, Elder Dahlin, and Elder Sekirime while they were on splits

The Berrett’s took this picture of Elder Orton, Elder Bangura, Elder Dahlin, and Elder Sekirime while they were on splits

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