Cutting Away the Bush

Thank you for all the birthday wishes they were all really nice. Well, this was a pretty good week.

Last Tuesday morning a random thing happened. I got up after my morning prayer and looked across the hall. There was a big spider so I went to my room to get my flash light and my camera. I was able to get close to the spider. Then I realized that it had something underneath it. When I looked to see what the spider was eating I saw a lizard. I took some pictures of this and I was really amazed how fast this big spider could move around clutching and eating the lizard.

I guess you already found out but the Berretts (a Missionary Couple) came over and stayed for our district meeting. That was really fun to have them stay for our meeting.

We had a service project Saturday. We went to a member’s house and cleared away some field for them to put in a garden of some kind. This service was similar to the last service project we did but this time there was only four of us working. We were working along the road so a lot of people were walking by. The people would stop and watch us for a bit. The people were so interested in what we were doing because they said that they didn’t know a white man could work and it was somehow entertaining to them. After clearing the field and cutting away all the bush we turned the dirt preparing the soil. When we finished the people were nice enough to make us some food. They prepared some sardine sandwiches and soft drinks so that was nice. My companion, Elder Falemai, and I are teaching this lady’s step son.

After this project we helped another member move to their new apartment. Their last landlord raised the price to $80 (US) a month and they didn’t have the money to pay for it. This move is to a cheaper place that is near our apartment. We thought we might as well help carry some stuff to their new place since it was on our way. This was kind of fun. Then after that we went back to our apartment and cleaned off, got changed into fresh clothes, and went back out to teach.

We have been teaching a mom (Rose) and her daughter (Patience). They are cool. Rose wasn’t able to come to church yesterday. Patience made it though. Families are the best kind of investigator.

I will try to send pictures next week but today the internet is not working. I just finished backing up my camera memory card so I should send it within the next week or so.

Also, good luck and have fun with my nephews this week.

Sister Berrett sent this picture of the Caldwell District: Elder Godi, Elder Gunnell, Elder Orton, and Elder Falemai eating a treat from Sister Berrett.

Sister Berrett sent this picture of the Caldwell District: Elder Godi, Elder Gunnell, Elder Orton, and Elder Falemai. The Elders are eating a treat from Sister Berrett that Elder Orton said was really good. They don’t get things like this very often.

Caldwell District, Liberia

Caldwell District Meeting with Elder Godi, Elder Orton, Elder Falemai, Elder Gunnell, and Sister Berrett.

Caldwell, Liberia

Barrett’s took this picture of the Caldwell District with Elders Falemai, Orton, Godi, and Gunnell.

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