From Water to Flames

This was one of the craziest weeks I have experienced on my mission so far. I do not think I can type fast enough to tell you half of what happened. I did write as much as I could remember in my journal so that is good. I am also going to try to write you all a letter so you can get a better idea of what happened.

The beginning of last week we had a water pump put in so we can be using a well that belongs to the apartment next to us. They told us not to use this pump for two days to let the water settle so all of the dirt and stuff will clear out. So Wednesday morning came and they told us it should be safe to turn on that night. Later we went out to turn the pump on and it was already on. We talked to the man next door and he told us that he has been using it since it was put in. It sounded like the pump was working but no water was coming. We called the people who put it in and told them it was not working. They told us they would be coming Friday morning. When the man came he took apart what they had just set up and found the problem. He explained that the dirt it sucked in broke a valve so now the valve had to be replaced. This is where it got kind of complicated with the repair because the people next door did not want to pay for the part they broke. We were told we were not to pay for it. Eventually the repair was made. The whole week this was happening and we were short on water and had to really conserve. Before this we were already conserving water but this problem forced us to save even more. Now the pump is all in working order so that’s good.

Saturday we had baptisms. I was very happy to see two of my investigators get baptized this past Saturday. The baptismal service took place at the district church building and it was very spiritual. Both of the investigators have been great. Both of these new members have been received in to the branch so well. Sister Danuals (sp) was an investigator that was truly prepared by the Lord. She was living a Latter-day Saint lifestyle before we ever met her. I was so amazed to find out that she had been living the law of chastity as well as the word of wisdom before we ever taught them to her. She has grown to have such a wonderful testimony about the gospel over the past two months. She also has been a great influence on her friend who is a less active member and to her family who are not yet members. Her little brother has been getting more and more interested as we have continued to teach him and his sister. The other recent convert was in an active family but had not been baptized because he had been living with his step mom in another county. He has come here to live with his dad and has made a lot of friends in the church as well as being surrounded by active family members. I feel so blessed to be involved in such a great work in such a great mission.

Saturday night the generator that is on our side but is for the people next door went up in flames. Some crazy stuff happened this week. Then a few more things happened that we were asked not to send home, but all is well.

Tell grandpa happy birthday.

-Elder Orton

While Steve was on a business trip with a colleague last week he wrote Elder Orton about an experience in his travels. “We were driving past an office called General Surgery of Omaha and I started joking about its name…saying, “You would like your appendix out? Well, we can work in that area and just take that out or something else. We just do general things—nothing specific.” We both started to laugh when we saw another sign “General Dentistry.”

Elder Orton’s response was:
“Your email had some funny jokes that made me laugh. I like how I can be half way around the world and still be getting a good laugh at all of your random jokes.”

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