Getting the Monkey off your Back

This was a good week but it went by very fast so I don’t what to really talk about.

We did go out to teach with the old branch president, President Myers. He was able to show us where some less active people lived that we have never met before. We sat down with one old grandma that has not been to church for something like 3 years. She was happy to meet with us. Her main concern was based on rumors she has heard about the church. President Myers served as the old Branch President and was actually the one that baptized her while he was on his mission in the 1980s. President Myers was able to resolve her concerns. She even came to church yesterday. Hopefully we were able to rekindle a fire that had been neglected for so many years.

We also got to attend part of a wedding Saturday. The man that was getting married is named Felix. Felix is the person that helps fix everything in the mission when it comes to apartments and things like that. During the wedding there was a cool quote I liked from it. The quote came from a story someone was telling about a newly married couple who were having some troubles. The wife knelt down and prayed and asking what she should do. Her answer was to go say sorry. She thought to herself but I am right. Then she felt something say, “Do you want to be married or do you want to be right?” Another quote I liked from this experience was, “If it is a fight then no one is right.”

I have seen plenty of monkeys in Liberia but for the first time I saw a chimpanzee. It was the size of a small child. We were going to teach someone and the chimp was just holding onto the person’s back at their house.

Take care,
Elder Orton

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