A Healing Prayer

Thank you for you emails. Well to give you an update, the propane tank is still incredibly working like a charm and cooking our food as good as ever. As far as this week goes, it has seemed to go by a little slower than normal but it went well for the most part.

We did receive transfer news and Elder Falemai and I are staying together. Elder Gunnell is training a new missionary. A highlight this week for me was the exchange I went on with Elder Gunnell. We teach well together. I would say that we had one of the coolest lessons I have ever had on my mission. We were teaching one of Elder Gunnell’s investigators who received an answer to his prayer in a dream. This investigator explained his dream to us. The spirit was felt very strong by all of us. Once he finished we said a few things and then he looked at us and started to tear up. This investigator then said that he knows this church is true as he spoke yet another wave of the spirit came over us. I felt a confirmation even within me that I know this church is true and that I am in the right place at the right time helping people just like him come to the knowledge of this gospel and its truthfulness. This man’s conviction was amazing to witness. I will treasure this experience. I will never forget it. I am so thankful for the knowledge this gospel gives me and the blessings I have received from it. After that lesson we had a few more really powerful lessons. Near the end of the day we attended a traditional wedding of a member of our branch at a home not too far from where we were. The wedding was really interesting to see and I was going to send some pictures but I plugged my camera in and now all of my pictures are corrupt. The wedding was very cool.

I forgot to tell you a small story of something that happened to me before the baptisms the other week. I got up the morning of the baptism and I felt really sick. I felt like I needed to throw up and I was miserable. I was the one that was baptizing that day and we had to meet our investigators at the church at 9:00. We went over to the church and we were waiting. I had walked over to a garbage pile to throw up and then our investigator came. I said a prayer that I would be able to feel better. I remember saying in my prayer that I know we are in this life to experience difficulties and pains and sickness and if it would be better for me to be sick then let it be, but if it would be better that I was healthy then bless me with the strength and comfort I needed to perform this baptism. Not even ten minutes later I felt completely better. I know that this experience was not just a coincidence. It brought such a big simile to my face knowing that I just received an answerer to my prayers.

Things are great.

-Elder Orton

The Berrett's delivered some letters to Bryan and sent this picture of his letter telling about the Provo City Center Temple's progress.

The Berrett’s delivered some letters to Elder Orton which included this update about the Provo City Center Temple.

Berrett's also sent this picture last week of: Elder Manqana, Elder Gunnell, Elder Falemai, and Elder Orton.

Berrett’s also sent this picture last week of: Elder Manqana, Elder Gunnell, Elder Falemai, and Elder Orton.

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