Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Bed

This week went by a lot faster than the last week but a lot still happened.

Tuesday and Wednesday we were in a threesome. My companion and I worked with Elder Gunnell. We had some pretty good lessons. I liked having three of us teach because it seems more interesting and you don’t have to say as much. I have been in a threesome a couple times before and it doesn’t always work out. This time it worked well.

Thursday Elder Gunnell received his new companion, Elder Agyei. Elder Agyei is from Ghana. When you say his name it sounds just like “A.J.” He is 20 years old and is a convert to the church. He left on his mission the same day as his younger brother left for his.

The past few days it has rained like crazy. Yesterday it rained for almost 7 hours straight and our roof had a two small leaks. One leak is just over my bed, haha, but they aren’t too bad. For the most part I like rainy season. It is a lot cooler and you find most people home. It does also have a few downsides; less people come to church and we have to use boots because of how high the water gets and you get wet, but other than that I like it.

Elder Falemai and I have had a good week with language study. We did a review of Chapter 7 in Preach My Gospel and I think it helped. We now have more of a plan and we have set more goals to get the first book done so that is good.

I receive letters from my Stake Presidency every month and the one I just got today talked about almost the same things my Mission President mentioned in his last email. I don’t know why but I found that very interesting.

We do see miracles all the time. Not all of them are that amazing just like at home. You don’t always see big miracles but small ones happen every day even when you aren’t aware of them. Most of the miracles are similar to having an investigator actually follow through and seeing how someone was willing to listen to the spirit.

We had a great Sunday and I really enjoyed all of the teachings. Our Branch seems to be making progress not necessarily by leaps and bounds but progression none the less.

This morning we saw a mega moth and it landed in a puddle and got stuck so I went and picked it up and put it in a bag and put it in the freezer so now I have a big moth. I will have to measure it but my guess it’s 6 inches and most of the color has come off but it is one that looks like it has two big eyes on its back.

I hope everything is going well back at home.

-Elder Orton

Elder Orton did not take this picture but www.africanmoths.com we found this one that fit the description.

Elder Orton did not take this picture but http://www.africanmoths.com we found this one that fit the description.

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