Look What the Storm Blew In

This past week was very busy and it felt like a lot was going on each day.

I was happy to see that a lot of our apartment problems were fixed. Not all of the problems have been fixed yet but the apartment is great and the fixes have helped make it even better. Elder Falemai is our District Leader so waiting for Brother Felix took up some of our time this week. All the leadership training stuff also took some time but I was happy to see all we got done. I was also happy with all of the people we were able to see even with all we had going on.

Brother Felix fixes everything for our apartments. I have told you about him before. He recently got married. I think it is cool he can do so many things. His name and what he does reminds me of the character in Wreck-It Ralph called “Fix it Felix.”

On Wednesday, I went on an exchange with Elder Enwukweri while my companion went with his companion to the leadership training. I thought it went very well. I thought we had some good lessons and even a couple members that were happy to help us teach the people we had planned for. It went well and I enjoyed seeing a new area. I like to teach most everything but I do like lesson one and the restoration. I enjoy explaining this because it is so amazing. If the restoration is taught right the people are receptive and respond with open hearts.

With Elder Falemai and his language studies we have set a goal to finish book one by the end of this week and if the days go as planned I think we will be able to do it. You asked me about learning the dialect over here. To learn how they speak we have to listen and ask questions. There isn’t another way to study how they speak that I know of.

This week after a lesson, two of the ladies we were teaching started to talk about how they can find someone to get married to. One of the ladies said, “Well, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is the best way to get a man to like you.” I honestly was surprised how much wisdom you can still find in a place where they haven’t had as much education. Here they talk open about everything. No one seems shy.

At the end of the week during our Sacrament meetings the messages were teaching how we should be slow to get offended. This is a message it helps to review a lot here as the people in this area struggle with this.

During our most recent storm we woke up to find our courtyard covered in dead bugs brought in by the storm. We swept them up and filled a box with them. We are in our rainy season but today is just overcast so far.

You had asked me if they have places to watch movies over here. They do have a few places people can go to see a movie but they are literally in tin shacks. I don’t know how expensive it is. They have to use generators to get their power and I don’t know how long they are open.

-Elder Orton

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  1. sarah says:

    Very interesting story, it’s like being there. It is a great pleasure to have discovered your blog, thank you.

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