Thumbs Up

Well, this was a week and it was a pretty long week. This week didn’t really fly by but once it was finished it seemed to have gone quickly. I am not too sure on how I feel about how fast the week really went.

Saturday we were able to attend the Priesthood Session of General Conference as the Bushrod Island District. Even though we watched it 5 or so weeks after it actually happened I am sure it was still just as powerful. I loved all of the talks. One I really liked was from Elder Ridd and it might not have been the most applicable talk for Liberia but I really enjoyed it and knew that there were a lot of people that needed to hear it.

The way watching General Conference works here with the missionaries is if we want to attend the conference session we have to bring an investigator, a resent convert, or less active member. Elder Falemai and I took an investigator named Jeremiah. We had invited others but Jeremiah was the only one that was able to come. Jeremiah is an investigator we stared teaching a little more than two weeks ago. When we met him, he was running for Secretary for the Community we teach in. The area is called Thumbs Up. Last Thursday he did win the election along with the rest of his team. Jeremiah has been talking about the election almost every day we see him but he is a good investigator. He said he believes the church is true and was very impressed by the conference. There were a few talks that I am glad he was able to hear. He said he really liked the talk given by President Monson. I think that Jeremiah could be a great leader in the church and that is exactly what this branch needs. Hopefully he will soon become a strong member. I thought it was interesting during the conference how people will verbally agree to what is being said even if the speaker is still in the middle of a sentence. When the people hear something said they liked you would hear them say, “Yeah or Mmhm” and it was not usually a whisper.

We just finished teaching a man who will be baptized in two weeks. His name is Abdulla and he has some real physical challenges but a strong spirit. His back looks like it got snapped in half and put together sideways. I am amazed by him.

The people are nice here. A couple of members from the Caldwell Branch we serve in are really good to help us with the work. Brother Myers and Brother Kelvin chip in and help which makes a difference.

In the evenings we have time to study. I have really liked the missionary library you got me before I left. I have now read all of the books except for Jesus the Christ which I am still working on.

Whenever it rains for more than an hour here in Liberia there is flooding in the streets. Flooding this time of year is normal.

All is going well and that is how it will continue to be even when it’s not :). Thank you for all of your prayers and support it makes the difference.

-Elder Orton

Elder and Sister Berrett took this picture which shows some of what the rainy season in Liberia is like

Elder and Sister Berrett took this picture which shows some of what the rainy season in Liberia is like

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