Re-paint, Re-paint …

Wow this week was a really busy week with two exchanges and two service projects but all 4 were rewarding experiences.

President Kirkham gave me some advice I really appreciated. I was also blessed to have some great advice given to me on my exchange with Elder Pearmain. Elder Pearmain explained a lot of things I could do to help my companion and our companionship. The exchange with him went great and we were able to teach together in unity. With each lesson the spirit was felt. The zone service project went well and we continued even when it rained. Those we helped were very grateful. Then the exchange with Elder Gunnell on Friday went very well. Elder Gunnell and his companion moved about six minutes away by taxi. They have four other Elders in their Caldwell New Georgia apartment.

On both of the exchanges we had a lesson where we applied a teaching method that they talked about in our last zone conference. They call it, “Pray Now.” You only use this when you feel prompted of course. If the investigator is having a hard time receiving an answer to their prayer/prayers then we teach a little more about prayer. Then we ask them to pray right now and we promise them they will receive their answer right now. This method has gone really well every time I have done it. I thought it is a great way to hear how they pray and help them understand how they can receive their answer. Sometimes they need help seeing that they are receiving an answer.

This week we also had two service projects. The first one we painted a house for a Brother Myers.

The second service project we planted a garden for the Toe family. The Toe family started all their plants from seeds. We used shovels, hoes, and cutlasses to do the work. I also saw a really big millipede at this service project. We were told by the family to be careful because if these millipedes crawl on your skin they will give you a rash. This family is in another area and when we were coming back from planting the garden we saw a big truck stuck in the mud. We helped dig it out and they were grateful and told us thank you.

I also saw one of the biggest insects I have ever seen in our apartment this week. It looked like a grasshopper/cricket and it was huge.

I had the chance to see the church they are building for our branch and two others. It is a big church, a lot like the ones you see at home. It will be great to have when it is finished. I do not think I will be in this area by the time the building is finished.

I am still getting to know the new Elders in our apartment. One is from Nigeria and one is from Sierra Leon. Elder Bangura and Elder Enquary which I am not sure how to spell correctly.

Anyway, it was a good week and I learned a lot 🙂 take luck. – Elder Orton

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