Like a turtle, if you want to move you got to stick your neck out

This week has been great. Brother Wallace and I get along very well. We teach and we work well together. Brother Wallace is very quick to accept any advice or correction that I have for him and he seeks for feedback after I make a suggestion. I can tell he really wants to learn.

This week we were looking for husbands and wives to teach. We were looking in a part of our area that we had not been before. It made me smile because it was just like President Kirkham talked about in zone conference, here in Liberia all we have to do is show up. We walked up to a family and introduced ourselves and they invited us to sit down. They said they would love to hear what we have to share. The one most attentive was their son, Brother Tomba, who is about 19-years-old. After a few minutes into the lesson he turned over the pamphlet and stopped us and said, “You use the Book of Mormon?” We said, “Yes.” Then he replied, “Oh, I have been reading it.” We responded with, “Really? What have you read from it?” He told us, “Well, I have read all of it. I downloaded it on my phone a while ago after I heard my friends talking about it. They said a lot of things that made me wonder and I wanted to know more about it so I downloaded it on to my phone”. We were both amazed and as we continued to talk with him we learned that he believed it was scripture and that it (as he said) it teaches the same things as the bible. But unfortunately for us before the lesson ended we found out that he does not live here. He is just visiting his family. (I say unfortunately for us because we would have loved to teach him.) He lives in Congo Town. So we quickly referred him to the missionaries in his area. We hope that his family will turn out to be a good one because our branch needs the strength.

A lot of things happened during the week. For the small random things that don’t matter, I caught a butterfly with my hand as it flew in front of me. That was a fun small experience. I forgot to tell you last week when Elder Falemai left he gave me his African shirt that I took a picture of me in. I was so touched. Then our compound got broken into 3 times this week and they stole the generator battery from the owners of the compound and one of the Elders’ towels and a few other small things. They didn’t take very much from us because we took everything inside after they came the first night. Even though they came back I felt very safe because we live in a very secure house with steel doors and bared windows so there is not much of a worry there.

One more random experience that I will share that helps you understand the people here and what the mission is like. We were walking past a man and he looked at us a little different and we made eye contact. So I stopped and talked with him and we invited him to come to church and he said, “Yes, I know the place. It is just down there so you will see me there.”

This week we had a zone meeting. We bring our Preach My Gospel books to these meetings every time and after the meeting we went proselyting and it rained and ruined my Preach My Gospel. That was really sad for me because it is a lot like a journal. It has lots of notes inside and lots of highlights. Other than that, it was a good week.

We found two baby turtles on the ground spinning on their backs this week. We rescued them.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement – Elder Orton

Elder Orton wearing a shirt that was a gift from Elder Falemai

Elder Orton wearing a shirt that was a gift from Elder Falemai

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