An American Breakfast

Wow, this week a lot happened. I was serving with Brother Bedell but then Tuesday I got a call from the Zone leaders saying that there was an emergency transfer. Brother Bedell only stayed a few days but he was really nice. He even took my memory card that got a virus, pulled off all my photos, and took it to some Chinese man and got it fixed. I got back all the pictures. I can see the pictures in a dvd player that reads my card. The photos just don’t show on my camera but I was happy to have the pictures back.

Now I am training Elder Anang. Elder Anang is from Accra, Ghana and has been here in Liberia on his mission for almost a month.

On the Fourth of July, I didn’t really have any way to celebrate but I thought I would try to do something American. So I made a nice breakfast for dinner and had pancakes and an omelet. It was mostly a one man party. I did share a little of my food with the others in my apartment but I am the only American in my apartment and the only one that really cared. It was still good.

This week I had a really cool lesson while on an exchange with Elder Bangura. We went to an investigator’s house and he wasn’t there. But the investigator’s friend was there. We started to talk to him and he asked if we had our service down the street. We told him, “Yes.” He said that he would like to visit tomorrow and he asked us for the time the service started. We explained that our meeting started at 9:00. He replied just saying, “I will come.” Then he asked us if we had a small magazine or something he could read. We were happy to tell him, “We do and if you would like we could sit down and discus more with you now.” He said, “Sure.” We taught him Lesson 1, The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went very well. He asked good questions. It was a very powerful and spiritual lesson and we invited him to be baptized on August 9th. He smiled really big and accepted. We left the lesson feeling good and when I looked back at him as we walked away I could see him looking down at the materials we gave him with a smile still on his face. That made me happy.

Pray for those we are teaching. I want to include some words from Jeffry R Holland that I liked,

“Everyone prays for the missionaries. May it ever be so. In that same spirit, we should also pray for those who are (or who need to be) meeting the missionaries. In Zarahemla, members were commanded to “join in fasting and mighty prayer” for those who had not yet joined the Church of God. We can do the same.

We can also pray daily for our own personal missionary experiences. Pray that under the divine management of such things, the missionary opportunity you want is already being prepared in the heart of someone who longs for and looks for what you have. “There are many yet on the earth … who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.” Pray that they will find you! And then be alert, because there are multitudes in your world who feel a famine in their lives, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the word of the Lord.”

Amy, that is really cool you got to go on trek. I wish that I could have gone to trek. They went right before I turned 12 and didn’t go on another one until I was on my mission so that is cool you got to go.

Here is a quote I liked from Thomas S. Monson about getting us through the desert wastes like you have walked through with trek,

“The same Lord who provided a Liahona Lehi provides for you and for me today a rare and valuable gift to give direction to our lives, to mark the hazards to our safety, and to chart the way, even safe passage—not to a promised land, but to our heavenly home. The gift to which I refer is known as your patriarchal blessing. Every worthy member of the Church is entitled to receive such a precious and priceless personal treasure…..Your blessing is not to be folded neatly and tucked away. It is not to be framed or published. Rather, it is to be read. It is to be loved. It is to be followed. Your patriarchal blessing will see you through the darkest night. It will guide you through life’s dangers. Unlike the struggling bomber of yesteryear, lost in the desert wastes, the sands and storms of life will not destroy you on your eternal flight. Your patriarchal blessing is to you a personal Liahona to chart your course and guide your way.”

You asked if I got to use the cocoa beans and make the chocolate with Brother Wallace before he left. Sadly, the coco beans rotted. Next time I get some cocoa beans I will try to make chocolate.

I hope all is going well and that everyone had a good July 4th. Thank you for all of your emails and support.

-Elder Orton

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