Too Much Noise

This week we had zone meeting on Tuesday. Interviews with President Kirkham were on Wednesday.

Then Thursday we had a service project where we went to Sister Musu’s, a member’s house. We cut her grass and cleaned the yard. Sister Musu lives with a few nonmembers. The service project went well and we got it done a little sooner than we expected we would.

Our Book of Mormon class and weekly planning meeting with our Branch was on Friday. In the Book of Mormon class we do not normally teach but we help every once in a while. Also on Friday, the meeting we had with the Branch was our coordination meeting with the Branch Mission Leader and Branch Missionaries. We talked about our efforts in the field and who they can help and how we can help them. Everyone came up with a few good ideas. We planned a combined Family Home Evening for the Branch. Hopefully all the members will come and we are going to watch the Joseph Smith movie. We will have some sort refreshments lined up and we are planning for August 25. Hopefully it all works out.

Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Enwukweri. It went well. We found a less active member that we are going to be seeing now.

During the week a man contacted us. He seems like he would be a good member. I was trying to send something about him but I got too frustrated in trying to explain how it all happened. I am struggling writing this email today. I typed a lot of it but then deleted it all because I cannot think clearly right now. There is too much noise in this little internet café.

Of course on Sunday we had church. The whole week went well so that is good.

Things are going well. If you are going to send a package don’t let there be empty space. 🙂 See if you can find my old digital camera and if it works send it. A lot of the missionaries over here don’t have one and it would be nice. Also, I wouldn’t mind some bulk tie clips. Did you hear that Elder Burr is the new AP? Isn’t that cool?

Take care,
Elder Orton

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