It’s the Big Button

This week went fast like normal. A few things happened this week that I can remember. The events are not that amazing or crazy they are just random happenings of the week. While we were proselyting I met a woman at a tailor shop. We introduced ourselves and told her who we were. She looked at me and said, “Your name is Orton?” I replied, “Yes.” She said, “You have the same name as my son.” So I asked her, “Really, how does he spell it?” She answered, “ORTON.” All I could think to say was, “Wow, really?” She said, “Yeah, and he is a frisky little boy that causes a lot of trouble.” I told her, “I am sorry to hear that. Maybe we will have to talk to him some time.”

Later that week, we did get to see him. He didn’t seem too bad. He seemed to be like a normal little boy to me but maybe once I get to know him better I will see.

I also saw a man during the week at a computer place who had never used a computer before. This was while we were printing off copies of our progress records for the branch. It made me think of how blessed we are at home with all we are able to learn in school and even in the home with computers and technology. I was able to watch him try to type his first paper as he passed between each letter to find where it is on the scrambled up alphabet of the keyboard. When he got to the end of a word he asking how to add a space between the next words. The people at the copy place told him, “It’s the big button.”

We had a lesson this week with a man named Joseph. Every experience we have had with him has been a miracle. I wish I knew where to start. He is a writer for the government. He writes a lot of their speeches which has been great. Joseph has been writing a book about all of the experiences he has had with the church over the years and how it lead up today. He read it to us and it is great. I hope to be able to get a copy of it to send to you.

I was asked three weeks ago to give a talk in church the following Sunday but then they asked that I give it the next week because too many talk assignments were given. I was to give it the next week which was yesterday. Yesterday our Branch was supposed to have a branch conference but on Friday we found out that it was postponed to December. So I did end up giving my talk yesterday. I gave it on the topic of love and about the two greatest commandments. I thought it went very well. I felt good as I was giving the talk and felt like I was being guided by the spirit on what to say. After I finished and sat down I felt good and happy and couldn’t help but to just smile.

My companion, Elder Anang, is doing well. He has been helping me a lot. I have noticed how he has been serving me in small ways and I thanked him for that during our companionship inventory on Thursday as well as on a few other small occasions. I feel that every time Elder Anang does something nice for me or others his attitude improves and he helped me understand this week how I can better help him by giving him positive feedback more often. This was a good reminder for what President Kirkham told us at training for the trainers. We are both growing and becoming better day by day and that is always encouraging.

You asked me what are the most interesting things about living in Africa and if it feels different? I tried to come up with anything that is similar to home. I would never be able to think of anything but the gospel and how people are temped here too. The most interesting things to me about living here is that every day you find something new and different.

It was a good week 🙂 Thank you for all of your prayers and support -Elder Orton

This picture of Elder Anang and Elder Orton was taken by the Berrett's when they stopped to drop something off at their apartment.

This picture of Elder Anang and Elder Orton was taken by the Berrett’s when they stopped to drop something off at their apartment.

Praying Mantis outside apartment

Praying Mantis outside apartment

Excitement about the church being built

Excitement about the church being built

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