Interesting Adjustments

Wow, well now I am in Ghana and it is definitely different. This week not too much happened since I emailed you after arriving in my new mission. I was able to meet with my new Branch President and he is such a cool guy. He had some difficulty at birth that crippled his legs so he walks around on his hands. He has a great family with the cutest kids and an amazing wife. The branch I am serving in was created in June and is progressing well. I have learned just a little of my new area and got to meet maybe half our zone so far. My companion goes home now in one week from today. His name is Elder Jones and he is from Alaska. We have had no problems getting along. I came to the new apartment with Elder Jensen who served in Liberia too. It is nice to have someone that knows where I am coming from.

My zone is the zone surrounding the Ghana MTC and that is where we will have a lot of our meetings I guess so that is cool. I thought I would never see the MTC again.

Things have gone well so far. There have been a lot more adjustments then I thought there would be but adjustments are just a part of life. I am not that used to how they greet each other. They do not speak English most of the time in my area. They speak in dialects even when they try talking to me. I try to explain that I only speak English and then they usually go on about how I should be trying to learn their language. I know that is true but I have only been here a few days so I better get learning.

As for the food it is fine, I don’t really feel like that is an adjustment. I would say the most difficult adjustment has been not speaking and teaching in the Liberian English I am so used to. I miss the people I was working with. I miss the trees and bushes in Liberia. Here there’s a lot of city and plenty of noticeable litter. Yet, I am excited about the work. So far so good.

– Elder Orton

Elder Jones with a happy group

Elder Jones with a happy group and the Branch President is in front

Elder Jensen is helping get things ready

Elder Jensen is helping get things ready

A baptism day in Ghana

Beautiful faces in Ghana

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