Interesting Week

This week was another interesting one. I started the week saying good bye to Elder Jones. After he left I went on an exchange with one of the office Elders and then the next morning went to the orientation meeting where I would find out who my next companion would be. Somewhere near the end of the meeting I was pulled out by President Heid. President Heid explained that the companion that I was assigned to was Elder Lafo from Ethiopia. I was to be his trainer but somewhere there was some mis-communication between the MTC and him. President Heid said Elder Lafo does not speak English and needed to stay in the MTC for six weeks but got released after two. President Heid said that it would be best if Elder Lafo was put back in the MTC to complete his language study but that we would see what happens. President Heid then told me that we will continue as if he was not going back to the MTC but that he may if it works out. I was introduced to Elder Lafo and he was great. He has served in a Branch Presidency and knows four languages He did struggle to communicate in English but he was doing very well considering he had started learning it less than two weeks ago. After I was introduced to him we were invited to eat lunch at the mission home so we went and ate some really good noodles and chicken. Before we went back to our apartment we walked to the temple to walk around the temple grounds a bit while we waited for a taxi.

While we were at the temple I ran in to President Kirkham. It was great to talk to him again. I gained so much respect and love for him over the past year and was so happy to see him before he left. I found out that his flight to return home was leaving that night but it was fun for me and Elder Jensen (who was with me as well) to talk to President Kirkham. I am pretty sure that Elder Jensen and I were the last of his Liberian missionaries to get to speak with him before he returned home. We talked with him for some time. We said good bye and headed back to the apartment. President Kirkham was an amazing Mission President!

We got all of Elder Lafo’s bags inside and then went and had two lessons before the day ended. I could tell Elder Lafo was struggling a bit expressing himself but he didn’t let that get him down he still tried as hard as he could to teach the best he could and he did it with a smile. I was actually very impressed by his great attitude because this was his first real lesson on his mission and he only had two weeks to learn the language he was speaking. After the two lessons we returned to the apartment. We got his bed made and settled his things and went to sleep.

The next morning we got ready for the day and prepared for study. I was trying my best to explain the daily schedule to Elder Lafo. After about 20 or so minutes he understood all that I was trying to explain. Then we had our personal study and then companionship study. I was learning the alphabet in one of the languages he speaks so I could help him learn English that way. In the middle of our studies I got a call from President Heid. President Heid told me that he was on his was to come pick up Elder Lafo and take him back to the MTC. He then said that I would be companions with Elder Jorgensen. So that’s what happened. The past few days with Elder Jorgensen have gone well. We don’t have any problems working together and I would say we are pretty good friends already. That was my week.

Elder Lafo and Elder Orton

Elder Lafo and Elder Orton

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