Banku like Fufu

This week went well. We started the week with no power and a water problem. We got both of them fixed within the week so now all is back to working order. In our apartment here we don’t see rodents or huge spiders and we don’t notice bugs. You asked about how the food is different than in Liberia. I don’t eat rice even though I kind of want it. I mainly eat eggs, bread, and banku. Banku is similar to fufu.

This picture of Banku is taken from the web (the white stuff)

This picture of Banku (the white stuff) is taken from the webpage Ghanaian food explains,

Banku is very similar to Fufu (Cassava and Green plantains). The only difference is that, Banku is made with fermented corn dough and cassava dough. Okro stew is made with palm oil, hot peppers, okro (type of green vegetable), tomatoes and, onions. Banku and Okro stew is a favorite dish in the Greater Accra region but you can find this dish in almost all areas in Ghana.

Elder Jorgensen and I have been doing well. Elder Jorgensen is from West Bountiful and he has been out for 11 months. We are preparing a family for baptism that I have grown to love. The father works for the navy and his wife is a stay-at-home mom. They have five little children that love to listen to us every time we come. The little kids have a few scriptures memorized and will recite them during lessons when the dad sees that they fit in with what is being taught. We are preparing the father and mother for baptism as well as their oldest girl who is eleven-years-old. Hopefully the others will follow after.

This week has been pretty good other than maybe Saturday. Saturday was just one of those days where the world seemed to hate us. Everywhere we went some complete stranger seemed to have something rude to say. This treatment happened a lot more than I ever thought possible. It was almost funny. It was interesting how we just went around as we normally did and we would get yelled at. For example, we went to buy some bananas. We got to the fruit stand and nicely asked if we could purchase some bananas. The lady at the stand started to yell at us as if we had just killed her dog or something so we ended up going to another place because she wouldn’t sell any to us. All in all, it was still a good week :).

President Kirkham, who I guess is now Brother Kirkham, sent all of us an email updating us all on how the church is doing in Liberia. It was great to see the people have still been taken care of and getting baptized and confirmed. It is nice to see that even though the country is going through a hard time and all of the missionaries were evacuated that the work is still moving on and that the church is still being built up. I love the people of Liberia and miss them and pray for them.

Well I guess I don’t have too much to say this week. Love you all – Elder Orton

Elder Orton took this beautiful sunset picture from their apartment compound

Elder Orton took this beautiful sunset picture from their apartment compound

Elder Orton took this lamp detail from their apartment

Elder Orton took this lamp detail from their apartment

A street in the Tema New Town area

A street in the Tema New Town area

Elder Orton said of this picture he took: “They smoke fish in the Tema New Town area like crazy. All of the wood you see on the side on the road is for smoking fish. A lot of the roads in my area are paved. This one is paved but a lot of dirt has blown over it.”

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1 Response to Banku like Fufu

  1. thomas owen says:

    Hi elder how is ur new mission? Tears aways run from eyes each time i enter church with out seeing the missionarris i love being around missionarries i miss u all. how ever the church is still strong here in liberia.we haven gotting any news that this deadly virus call ebola has kill any
    member of the church, that is our testimony here in liberia. I thomas owen jr.

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