Tuning Time to Tema

I am sorry that I don’t have much time to write letters. I am not sure you will get to hear of all of my experiences until I am home. Our work-days in Ghana are much longer than in Liberia because we are teaching until later in the evening. In Liberia, it was a mission rule to be in by 7:00 for safety reasons. They didn’t have any street lights, mostly because they didn’t have developed streets. I have less time to write in my journal.

There are four different places in Tema area. I am in Tema New Town or you can just say New Town. Church around the world is generally the same. Here the people giving talks are young in the gospel but sweet in their knowledge of the gospel. The people are super good.

The early history of the modern seaport known as Tema began with a small fishing village identified as Torman. The Torman villagers also grew the calabash plant known as Torma in the local language. The torma was a gourd that was one of the first cultivated plants in the world that was grown to use as a water container.

Later the name of the village was corrupted to TEMA.

In 1952, the government acquired the land north of the harbor. The “New Town” that was later built on the site was planned as an industrial and residential area. The villagers of Torman were cast out to make way for the project, and moved to a new fishing ground around 3 kilometres away. Tema Harbour officially opened in 1962.

Tuesday we had our district meeting or as they call it in this mission, “district council.” After the district council meeting we went to Accra for a checkup on my companion’s foot because he is having a few small issues with his feet. We found out that he has something called Porokeratosis. It’s been bothering him a bit but he will be fine. While we were there in Accra I got to see a couple missionaries from the Accra West Mission. Some of them came from Liberia and from my MTC experience. I got to see a lot of people I thought I would never see again so that was a plus. Then from there we went home and I got to try some new food called pancaso, a Muslim food, which was really good! Then we fixed some dinner and prepared for the next day it was late.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we taught some people and we had a three hour long lesson with one of our investigators two days in a row. We covered a lot of important topics that really helped him and his family understand the atonement, baptism, repentance, faith, and much more that went on for three hours. We lost track of time.

Saturday we went back to the family and found out that the father had malaria. Satan is working hard on this family. We gave him a blessing and the spirit was there very strong and left that night feeling very good but I guess Satan wasn’t finished yet.

On Sunday we planned on having four baptisms. The family wasn’t able to come to church because their father was in the hospital because of the malaria. The malaria became more serious. Satan found a way to prevent four baptisms from happening but the war is not over, the Lord is on our side and I am positive we will find a way with the Lords help to insure that the four candidates enter into the waters of baptism.

Today I ate some bananas. This is the latest update :). Have a great week – Elder Orton

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