Star Light, Star Bright…The First Starfish I Got to Bite

I got to try starfish this week and that was interesting. Starfish tasted familiar but I don’t even know what it would compare to.

I forgot to explain more about our water situation. We have had a few of what I would call miracles with our water. When I first got here we had no problems with our water or electricity. Just after Elder Jones went home we have had a lot more problems with the city water and electricity.

Before Elder Jones left we decided to fill two of our big trash cans with water in case we ran out and yes the trash cans were clean. Before you know it our water was dry. The supply of water was just barely enough to last us until we got our water running again. This same thing has happened at least four times where we run out of water and then right before we completely use all the water we have stored it comes back on. Each time it has happened we are so grateful for the backup we had in the trash cans. We have witnessed each time that if we had failed to fill the cans back up after we got water we would have been facing more serious difficulties. It reminds me of the parable of the virgins because we never know when we will run out of water. We knew we were prepared and if we had not been prepared we would have suffered for it. “Be prepared.”

Ghana’s standard of living is much higher than Liberia but the area where I am serving is very similar to Liberia but just not as green.

This week was a pretty good week for Elder Jorgensen and me. We get along well. He is about to hit his year mark and has been in Ghana his whole mission.

Friday was especially good. It seemed like everything just flowed from one appointment to another without one bounce. From what I have seen in this area so for this is very unusual. We have been finding a lot of new investigators from just one investigator we are teaching right now. This investigator is taking us to friends that he thinks would want to hear this message and that has been great and exactly what we need.

I also was reminded of our Branch President by your email. (The New Town Branch was formed in June.) President Ike has been such a blessing to the missionaries in this branch. I would say out of all of the branches I have served in he is the most humble and helpful Branch President I have ever worked with. I am so grateful for him and the chance to serve in this branch.

Have a great week -Elder Orton

We got to eat with President Ike and his wonderful family

We got to eat with President Ike and his wonderful family

Newly formed Tema Newtown District: Elder Orton, Elder Jacobsen, Elder Jensen and Elder Aloysius.

Newly formed Tema Newtown District: Elder Orton, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Jensen and Elder Aloysius.

This week was our first week as the official Tema New Town District. This new missionary district is, yep, just the four of us.

The starfish we had

The starfish we had

A field near where we live

A field near where we live

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