Fridge for a Whiteboard…Food for Thought

This week was good.

On Tuesday we went to the church to have our District Meeting. The church has a whiteboard and that is usually helpful. We were not able to use the whiteboard or the church because they had just fumigated the church less than 30 minutes before we got there. So we couldn’t go inside. After a few minutes of debate we decided to go back to our apartment to have our meeting. Once we got there I suggested the idea to use our fridge for our “whiteboard.” This ended up working out pretty good. This might even be what we will do from here on out.

You asked about the possibility of ordering water from a truck. That can be done but it is not easy. It is expensive and we have to pay for it and then wait to get reimbursed and this is a slow process. If this is done when we don’t have much money you do not eat. That is why we make do with buckets of water.

You also asked about animals and pets here in Ghana. Where I am serving I don’t see nearly as many as I did in Liberia. I did see a bright orange and grey lizard today.

A bright orange and grey lizard we saw today

A bright orange and grey lizard we saw today

Sorry my email is so short sometimes. It gets so frustrating emailing with bad computers. I won’t send pictures because I don’t trust this computer.

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened this week.

-Elder Orton

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