Preghiamo – Let’s Pray

I am doing well, my companion is doing well, and we are doing well together so all is well 🙂

This week we were able to have a lot of very good lessons and our investigators seem to really be reacting well.

I was almost sad to find out that we are having an emergency stake conference next week then on top of that we are having another stake conference two weeks after that. I am not sad because I don’t like conferences but because we had planned all of our baptisms for those two weeks. Now we will have to bump most of them to December. Oh well, at least they will happen in December.

On Tuesday we had the Zone Leaders come to our District Council Meeting and it went well. We used the fridge as a white board again. This has worked great and the markers wipe off without problems. It was funny for them to see how our district meetings go here in Tema New Town.

Wednesday and Thursday where good days for teaching. We were able to see almost everyone we planned for. We walk everywhere. Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Jensen and the first half of our day was slow but it really sped up towards the end. From Tuesday to Friday we were able to teaching until 9:30 pm every day. This was great that we were able to see a lot of people, but we didn’t get to eat dinner those few days because of how late we stayed out.

Saturday we had a cool lesson with a less active member we found. He had been working in Italy as a welder for the past 12 years and had been introduced to the church there. While he was working in Italy his family remained in Ghana. He was taught by the missionaries for a while and got baptized in 2010. He can speak fluent Italian and has an Italian triple combination of LDS scriptures. He told us he understands the Italian copy better than the English one. So during that lesson I took the opportunity to use some of the random Italian phrases I have learned over the years from dad. I said, “Preghiamo” let’s pray in Italian and he had a good reaction to that. He repeated what I said with a laugh letting me know that he understood me and that my Italian had an English accent at the same time. The lesson went well. He told us that he had lived in Bergamo, Italy and I think that is somewhere within an hour of Milan so I was wondering if that was ever in Dad’s area on his mission. He asked us to teach his wife and daughter.

Sunday we got to watch one session of general conference. We saw the Saturday afternoon session and it was really good…every single talk in some way addressed the concerns of our investigators and resent converts. It was amazing to see how the simplest of gospel standards are overlooked by so many of us but that most often they are the ones that make the biggest difference. Elder Dallin H. Oaks talked about Loving Others and Living with Differences. He shared ways we should apply love that maybe we aren’t. I thought it was interesting that if each of us would just simply focused on the greatest of commandments there would be no major world problems to solve. I guess that the world likes to try to solve their problems in the most complicated ways instead of focusing on something so simple and selfless. Oh well, someday they will all learn. In the meantime I will just be teaching the world one person at a time.

Have a great week. -Elder Orton

Elder Jensen during our District Meeting with our impromptu whiteboard

Elder Jensen during our District Meeting with our impromptu whiteboard

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