Canned Vegetables

I can’t remember anything interesting that happened this week.

The first part of the week we had to travel to Accra to the doctor’s. We didn’t get to teach this week because my companion’s foot is still having problems and we had so many things to take care of. If we cannot find a ride it takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there by bus or as it is referred to here a trotro.

We had Stake Conference this past Saturday and Sunday. This time the Stake Conference was our regularly scheduled meeting and not an emergency conference like the last one. We saw a West African Conference video that was sent last week to be shown to all of the Stakes in West Africa. I think it was shown in all of Africa as well. In the video we got to hear from one of the Seventy (Elder Gay) that was a Mission President in Ghana a while ago and the General Primary President (Sister Stevens). Elder Bednar and President Uchtdorf also spoke during the conference. All gave wonderful talks. Ebola and proper preventative health measures were some of the topics discussed. They also talked about the traditions of Africa and how it is important to embrace the traditions that are in line with the gospel but to abandon traditions that do not help us keep the church’s standards.

This week my companion and I were able to find a great deal on canned vegetables. We were happy we found a can for 1 Ghana Cedi which is the equivalent of 31 cents for a can so that was kind of exciting. That tells you a lot about our week but it is very expensive for fresh vegetables.

I am happy most of the time but to be very honest emailing is one of my least favorite things to do out of the whole week. I like hearing from you but it has never been a pleasant experience to go to these Internet cafes to email. Typing can be frustrating.

Take care,
Elder Orton

Elder and Sister Parke who are temple workers and help

Elder and Sister Parke who are temple workers and help

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