Filling our Tanks

This week went very well. After emailing last week we went back to our apartment and on our way saw the church gate open. We went to see who was there. We walked in and it was our Branch President. He said he was happy to see us and then asked, “How it is that you missionaries are always in right place at the just the time we need you?” President Ike then explained how he had just ordered a water truck from Accra because all of Tema is out of water. In fact, we had just emptied our tank. Apparently the water had been shut off for the previews two weeks. President Ike asked us to help the water truck people fill up our tanks when it got here. Of course we agreed. I also suggested that since we are paying for the entire truck and there will be left over water after we fill the tanks that we should use the extra to fill the baptismal font for the baptism on Saturday. The water truck came ten or so minutes later. So that is what we ended up doing. Before we had even finished filling the tank the entire village was gathered around us begging for water. After filling the baptismal font we still had some left over so we let everyone that was there fill up their buckets until the water ran out.

I also found out more about that the crazy guy I told you about before. The one strange man that kissed me on the cheek was given a Book of Mormon finally by the missionaries in the other Tema District. He came back and to their surprise gave them a thank you bag (I guess you could call it that) filled with edamame and a soft drink. I thought that was a funny update.

Wednesday we had our Zone Conference in Tema. It went very well and I learned a lot. We talked about the fiery darts of the adversary and how to counter anti-Mormon doctrine. We also learned how we can use technology to spread the gospel and how Satan wants us to use it unwisely. Sister Heid discussed depression and negative thinking and how it can become a habit. In addition she taught positive and pure thoughts can also be a habit. We gained a greater love and testimony for the Prophet Joseph Smith and learned how to teach the magnificent doctrine of tithing. I enjoyed all of the topics especially the technology part. The AP’s had a slideshow about the advancement of the church along with technology that was really cool.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we celebrated by eating pizza and working even harder during our proselyting. I am not sure how much it really felt like Thanksgiving but it was fun to have some pizza. Happy Thanksgiving.

We were able to have our first coordination meeting with our Branch Mission Leader for the first time since I have been here. It was so amazing that our Branch stepped it up this week. They helped us more than ever before. The Branch Mission Leader visited our investigator preparing to be baptized. She was also visited by our Young Single Adult Leader as well as our Branch President and they did this on their own. The Branch also organized the Baptismal Service. It ended up being a great baptism where the spirit was felt and the meeting organized.

This past Saturday was the day we had planned to baptize one of our investigators named Grace. Grace is a friend to Mary and Reuben and she was introduced to the church by them. She had read about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity before we ever met her. Grace started listening in on our lessons with Reuben and his family. Eventually we started to teach her more. She progressed very well and understood what we taught her. She did great in keeping all of her commitments and has exceeded my expectations several times. She has been reading all she can and is now up to Alma, Chapter 24 in the Book of Mormon. She also volunteered to be an usher at our Stake Conference. When it came to her baptism I felt very happy and confident that Grace was prepared. I am pretty sure that most everything went according to plan and her baptism was spiritual and went smoothly. She was confirmed yesterday and is now a full active member.

I want everyone to watch this short amazing video called He is the Gift.

So all in all, another great week.

Elder Orton

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