This week we did well. We had less bounces and better quality lessons. During our week most of our lessons go one hour almost every time so when we have 26 lessons like we did this week that means 26 hours total of teaching. It was great.

We have planned a missionary devotional that will happen this Saturday. We had planned a devotional like this in my last Branch in Liberia but we got evacuated before we could do it. Yesterday, the Branch invited us to the first part of their Branch Council and we discussed our upcoming activity. A few members volunteered to help with our program. Some other offered to bring refreshments. Then the Branch President committed each person there to bring 3 people to our devotional. I am excited about this event. I was happy with how they responded to our ideas and suggestions. We are planning on having our meeting all about the restoration and the first vision. I think it will be a great activity to help not only the investigators but the members learn more about the church and how it started.

English is spoken for most of our church meetings. We do get some mixture of Twi, Ga, and what sounds like Away (I don’t know how to spell it). Different tribal languages are not commonly used in church maybe during prayers or for half a talk but some people use translators. When we tract out someone who only speaks one of these language we have members help us translate. Most of the members can speak one of the dialects.

You asked about music in our meetings. If Sister Parke is attending our branch she plays the music. If she is not there we don’t have it.

My companion and I had a few interesting experiences this week. One of them happened on Thursday. Elder Jorgensen and I were walking on our way to meet with one of our investigators. Up ahead we saw some kids playing with fireworks. Elder Jorgensen looked at me and asked if we should try walking to the side of the kids. This way we could avoid walking through the middle of the group. I quickly agreed. As we got closer, one of the kids looked at us, lit a firework, and threw it at us. It hit Elder Jorgensen but as soon as it hit him the firework stopped working and just fell to the ground. All the kids around were laughing at what that boy did. Then I looked up at the kid that threw the firework and he ran. I slowly walked over to the place he ran toward. I was not very happy but I determined to control myself. When I arrived to where I thought the boy ran a lady sitting outside told me, “He is over there.” I just nodded and asked her if she could tell his mother what happened so that his mother can help correct him. I felt he should not be allowed to play with fireworks if he is going to do throw them like that. Then we left. I was not happy that a kid thought it would be fun to throw fireworks at us. I was happy that my companion was not hurt.

Another cool experience was during a lesson with one of our investigators. We had a lesson scheduled with Patience’s mom. Her mom has difficulty with English. She has been coming to church for the past couple months and we are trying our best to teach her. In this lesson, her daughter Patience was helping us translate. After just a few minutes, the focus switched over to Patience because she asked us a question. Patience started to tell us a dream she had. I was honestly amazed by her dream I could tell it was from God and I saw it change her. I feel like after she explained her dream the experience changed me. I don’t know if I could explain or tell about her dream without losing most of its details or without losing most of its meaning. It was great to see firsthand how much God loves each of us and to see that He cares enough to answer the prayers of a humble seeker of the truth. Patience said that she wants to change and that she feels like her dream helped her realize she needs to change, repent, and be baptized in order to live with God again.

As for me and my companion we are trying our best with all we do. We found out that we will be staying together for at least one more transfer and I think we will continue to do well.

-Elder Orton

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