He that hath ears to hear, let him hear

This week was great and went well again for Elder Jorgensen and me. We didn’t have any problems and we are still trying our best.

We have been teaching a great investigator named, Ben. We found him when we were contacting. He said he would like to meet with us and we saw him the next day. The lesson went very well. Then next day was Sunday and Ben came to church. He seems to be a happy guy and he liked what he learned at church. He scheduled us to come and meet with him the following Tuesday. When we arrived his sister sat in on the lesson and was asking great questions. It was almost sad to find out she actually did not even live in our mission. I do believe whatever happens with her she will at least have positive feelings about the church. Ben has continued to do well but just left this past week to his home town for Christmas. This week we found out that almost half of our recent converts and investigators will be travailing to their home towns for Christmas. This might have some interesting effects with our future teaching pool so we will see how that goes.

Saturday we had our missionary fireside and it went very well. We had about 75 people come. To give you some perspective, that is about our average sacrament meeting attendance. I thought it was a great turn out. We had members bring popcorn, ice cream, and drinks for everyone that came. It was nice.

We prepared for the fireside last week making sure we had everything in place. We found a way to hook up the branches television to the church building speakers. Hooking the sound up to the speakers really wasn’t that technical of thing but it was the first time that has been done in this branch. This ability made all the difference because we all could actually hear it. We watched Joseph Smith: the Prophet of the Restoration. There was one person that said it just made him sad but everyone liked the movie. I was very happy with how much the branch helped with the activity. We got some new investigators and quite a few referrals with very positive feedback from the members. They want us to be doing this monthly now.

Yesterday (Sunday), two members of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Elder LeGrand R. Curtis and Elder Edward Dube came to visit our branch. They are currently assigned the Mission Presidency of the Africa West Area. I thought it was a pretty exciting see them walk in the door of our branch. They said that this week when they looked at their calendar schedule it showed their assignments were at home. Elder Curtis explained that when they are assigned home they like to visit the branches and wards in Ghana to see how they are doing. Both Elder Curtis and Elder Dube shared wonderful messages that added to the strong spirit in the room.

Elder Jensen and I got to talk more with Elder Curtis after church. He gave us an update on Liberia and the churches efforts there. It was great to hear that even though the entire country is going through a difficult time the work is still moving forward.

So, all in all, things are still going well.

Happy holidays and remember why we are celebrating.
-Elder Orton

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