Mapping Our Course

Merry Christmas!

For the most part this week was good. It started out fine but then unfortunately Elder Jorgensen got sick. During this time I was able to get up-to-date in my journal. Thankfully my companion is doing better now.

We taught some good lessons. We even contacted one of our recent convert’s Dad. Her dad just got back from a 6 month military peace keeping tour in Lebanon. I hoped he would be interested but he showed some concerns that seem to have stemmed from some anti-Mormon doctrine. We just bore our testimonies and tried our best to quiet his doubts but he still did not seem sure. Later that week we saw our recent convert, whose Dad we had met. We found out that she was able to resolve all of his concerns and he asked if we could come teach him more. I was impressed that she, one of our recent converts, was able to resolve her Dad’s concerns and even defend the church using scriptures. I was also happy that we didn’t get into any kind of “bible bash” with him when we met. I am sure that would have only negatively affected our relationship with him. I am grateful for the guidance of the Spirit and for the blessings that come into our lives and others because of it.

Because of our missionary fireside we were able to begin teaching a lady named Fortune.

Reuben has been off with military training for a month and we think he has started drinking again so pray for him and his family. His wife and kids are coming to church but they have had no money at all for the past week. They are going through a lot right now. Reuben is preparing to serve with the military in Liberia in February.

It seems hard to believe it is Christmas time because if still feels like summer. Living here in this environment is a 100% different. I have become used to not having seasons. I think that I prefer it that way because it helps the year go by faster without the seasons marking the time. I have yet to see a Christmas tree or anything to do with Santa or Father Christmas.

At our last Zone conference President Heid gave us all maps of our areas and encouraged us to go to the furthest parts of our areas and become familiar with them. He encouraged us to find more Branch builders. Wednesday ended up being the best day for us to take our map and explore our area. We found a place that look like a good community on the map and decided to go there. As we made our way to this “new’ part of our area I was amazed how big our area was. After biking for about an hour we saw a sign that said Kpone post office and so we stopped a little confused because Kpone is an area outside our Zone. We checked the map and it clearly showed we were still in our area so we made a few calls to our District and Zone Leaders trying to figure things out. We ended up calling the Elders that serve in Kpone and found out that they were home sick that day. We asked them where their apartment was and they told us near the church. We looked around and we saw one of the church signs or boards so we followed them. We arrived to the church area and found out that according to our map that the mission gave us the Kpone Ward and the missionaries’ apartment were both in our area. That was really confusing to us. When we reached their apartment and compared their map with ours it showed the same thing. Their Ward and apartment along with most of the members of the Ward were in our area. We Guessed that when 2 of the missionaries were moved from the Branch that their area got added to ours on accident instead of the missionaries in Kpone. So it turns out our area most likely is not that big but we are waiting to see how that gets worked out. I thought it was a fun adventure and it was also quite the bike ride. We don’t ride the bikes very often. We normally walk everywhere.

I hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Christmas.

-Elder Orton

Elder Jorgensen, Elder Orton, Elder Jensen and Elder Aloysius

Elder Jorgensen sent this picture: Elder Jorgensen, Elder Orton, Elder Jensen and Elder Aloysius. The vest Elder Orton is wearing was a gift from a Sierra Leone Missionary.

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