Preserving Records so that We Might Have Them

This was a good week. Things have been going really well for our district. This week I was able to teach with Elder Aloysuis. He just finished his training and is doing very well. Elder Aloysuis is very kind and serves others out of love. He is a good example.

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Burr are also doing very well. They have been working very hard. Elder Burr is amazing as he isn’t wasting any of the three weeks he has left.

Rueben’s family is doing well. His wife, Mary, just gave her first talk yesterday. It was so wonderful.

We are still teaching the Addicos family. They have four in their family. He is the one who lived in Italy for some time. His family has been visiting the church so that is very cool.

We had our mission tour this week. Elder Curtis of the 70 and his wife came and shared talks with our Zone on Thursday. The President Heid asked the mission to read the following scriptures: Mosiah, Chapters 2-6 and 3 Nephi, Chapters 11-30. When Elder Curtis came he reviewed these chapters with us. I learned a lot, we had a big group discussion and it was cool to have so many different perspectives of the same reading. I have loved studying the scriptures. Since coming out on my mission I would say it has become exciting to study and I discover new things every time. It has been amazing to me how the scriptures can bless your life just from reading them. There have been several times where I am blown away by how much effort, work, care, and diligence it must have taken to preserve these records just so we could have them today. Just how many thousands of years the Lord preserved the sacred text of the scriptures helps show us how important they really are. I think I used to take them for granted. No matter who you are or what you believe studying the scriptures with a sincere heart and then doing what you learn will make you happier and improve the quality of your life. I have also found from my study of the standard works more knowledge and truths of the gospel. Then when I think in my mind and look at it from the most analytic points of view I can see you will only find evidence supporting all of the doctrines of the Church. But of course you can’t forget the most important part of studying the scriptures and the most important part of finding out the truth is the Spirit. It is great when you can have that “witness of man” using logic but even more simple the “witness of God” is greater. Of course you need to be humble to feel that influence.

Having the Spirit confirm to me the truth is the main reason I can say I know this Church is true. Well, I got a little distracted and ended up talking more about the scriptures then my week but just know my week was good.

– Elder Orton

 This picture was sent via Elder Kriser of Elder Burr, another Elder, Elder Kriser, and Elder Orton

This picture was sent via Elder Kriser showing Elder Burr, Elder Lafo from Ethiopia, Elder Kriser, and Elder Orton

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