Digging It

Happy birthday Dad!

I did send two of my USB drives with Elder Burr and I included a small letter. This will be the fastest letter you will have ever received from me.

This week we had a service project at our Branch President’s school again. For the project we helped dig some foundation holes in the ground for pillars that will be built and placed to support the building. The work went well. One of our new converts in our branch named Christian came and helped us. Christian originally came just to talk to President Ike, but he saw us working so he came and helped us out. It was great. I took pictures but I put in my camera and the computer messed everything up.

On Friday, Elder Aloysius and I went to Accra to meet with Sister Heid and Sister Kirkham. They showed us some English exercises we can be doing to help improve and polish our English skills.

We have been teaching a less active member the past few weeks. She moved here to Tema New Town about five years ago. She didn’t know where the church was so she hasn’t been attending church for that whole time. She promised us she would come after we explained to her where the church was located but she wasn’t able to come that week. We talked with her some more this week and she again promised to come to church. This time we offered to come before church to pick her up and take her. Yesterday, when we got to her house she wasn’t ready and told us to go ahead and that she will come after us. Trusting that she would come we left to church. By nine we looked up and couldn’t see her. We were hoping she was coming but at this point we couldn’t tell. After 15 minutes or so went by we saw her walk in. It gave me a great feeling to see her come for the first time in over five years. She was happy she came. She even got up to bear her own testimony. She bore her testimony in Twi so I didn’t understand it all but it was touching and everyone in the branch was impressed with her. It made me happy to have helped in the process of bringing a member back into fellowship.

Yesterday was Elder Burr’s last Sunday on his mission. He got up and bore his own testimony with the rest of the branch and it was a very encouraging testimony. It has been really cool serving with him. It was this morning we said, “Good bye” to Elder Burr and it was a different kind of good bye for me to say because I knew he was going home to my home. I also know that I will most likely see him again. It is strange to see him leaving and I still don’t know how to feel about that. But all is going well.

Elder Jorgensen will have a new companion now. He is training someone from my companion’s home town.

-Elder Orton

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