It’s a Small World

It is a small world especially when you are a member of this church. Within the church there are connections to so many people in so many countries. I also received an email from my former Zone Leader who completed his mission at the same time as Elder Burr. My former Zone Leader was visiting with the missionaries in Monnett, Oklahoma. Turns out that the missionary that he was talking to was Elder David Black (my cousin). Elder David Black’s companion also has a relative serving here in my same mission. So that is cool as well as the other connection you were explaining.

The Ghana Accra Mission Nurse (Sister Sanders) is friends back home with Elder Orton’s Dad’s Cousins (Kent and Michelle Arrington) who are currently serving as Mission Presidents in Chile Concepcion

The Ghana Accra Mission Nurse (Sister Carol Sanders) is a friend of Kent and Michelle Arrington (cousins of the Ortons). Kent is currently serving as the Mission President in Chile Concepcion. Sister Sanders sent this photo to Michelle Arrington and Michelle send it to the Ortons in Provo.
Note in the photo, Bryan has a Telestial Halo

This week went well. One of the things I appreciate so much about serving where I have and where I am is I usually get to experience something different. This week one of our great investigators Olivia was able to help one of Elder Jorgensen’s new investigators in church who is Deaf. Olivia grew up signing with her parents because they are both Deaf. I was pretty surprised by that because I thought that if both of her parents were Deaf she would be too so I asked a little more about her life history and found out that her mom was born that way but her dad was not. I guess he had some crazy accident that I don’t have the slightest details of the accident but I thought it was very interesting. I thought it was great how Olivia was able to help translate what we were saying so that this new sister could be just as much a part of church as the rest of us.

It has been interesting because we didn’t have power most of the week because of repairs to the main generators or something like that. Last night was the African Cup of Nations with Ghana vs Ivory Coast. I didn’t get to really see the game but by the end of the game we heard the others in our compound yelling and screaming. We went to go see what was happening with the game and they said it was down to penalty kicks. We were invited in and saw that last 2 minutes of the game. Sadly Ghana lost and then the power went out. It was still cool we saw the last 2 minutes. I did feel bad for everyone else though because they saw their team lose then the power went out. I think most people would say that was a bad day… but as for me I am still doing well.

I also have come to really appreciate all of the talks you have sent me most all of them have been passed around to the other Elders and have ended up helping a lot more than just me.

Hope you have a great week.

-Elder Orton

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