With Truth Comes Opposition

Monday last week we met as a zone and ate together on a beach. It was fun. We played soccer, talked, and sang a few songs.

Tuesday we had a great zone meeting. We discussed our potential and what we can become through effort. After our meeting we had a lesson with Richmond, he just received the Aaronic priesthood and a calling to be a self-reliance councilor for our branch. I think he will do well.

Wednesday Elder Jorgensen and Elder Sam went to Accra for something and later came back with the package you sent. Thank you it is awesome and everything was inside.

Elder Aloysius and I had a full day. I think it was our first time we used the bikes all day. We used the bikes because the lessons we had planned were at opposite ends of our area. We normally plan ahead to prevent that from happening but in this case we needed to see everyone in that order because of their schedules, so we made it work.

We had our first lesson with a man named Victor. He is the brother of a recent convert named Kossi and they are both from Togo. They both have difficulty speaking English but that has not stopped them from coming to church every week. Victor has been coming to church for a couple months now and is just a happy positive guy. We helped teach him the plan of salvation, the whole time he was smiling and seemed to really understand what we were teaching him. It is always such a great feeling when you teach and the ones listening enjoy and understand what you are teaching them.

Later we saw an investigator named Samuel who has also been coming to church for some time now. Samuel has changed a lot since he started learning with the missionaries and is preparing to be baptized. After him we went to see an investigator named Comfort who also has been coming to church for a month now. Comfort is a wonderful investigator.

Victor, Samuel, and Comfort are all scheduled to be baptized on the 21 of February. Plans can change and often do, but for now that is the plan.

On Thursday Elder and Sister Sanders came to drop off some supplies and inspect our apartment to make sure we are keeping it clean. The inspection went well and it was nice to talk with them. The rest of the day went OK. We had baptismal interviews for Victor and Samuel and they both passed and are excited to be baptized.

Friday morning we met a very interesting man. We could tell from the first few questions he asked that he did not like the church. As we started to answer his questions and within the first few seconds of talking he would cut us off with another question or an objection. So, finally we just bore our testimonies and we told him that we know this church is true and we know this gospel will bless your life if you would just follow it and listen the spirit that tells you it is true. The man did not agree. He asked more questions but kept refusing our answers. He kept cutting us off and getting angrier until my companion looked at him and asked, “Sir, will you please calm down?” The man looked back and slowed down a little bit finishing what he was saying and then walked away. Because of the noise we gathered something of a crowd who were standing around listening to what we were saying. Many had questions for us. We were in the middle of answering some really good questions for some nice people when the man came back with his same ignorant and demeaning statements. He got right up in our faces and rudely interrupted until even the people around us got annoyed with him. The people in the group asked him, “How can you judge what they teach if you don’t even allow them to talk? You can’t say their message is not from God if you haven’t heard what they teach.” The rude man laughed at them and walked away. Then the people that had gathered around us began to walk away. I wished we could have talked more to everyone that gathered around before they left. At least they have our pamphlets.

I am always so confused why some people are so ready to fight the church. Even if they do believe the church is wrong, to fight against an organization that does as much good as our church seems to be a lot more evil than anything else. I suppose that this kind of treatment can even serve as a testimony to us that our church is indeed true. When you think back to the New Testament and how people treated Jesus Christ and His church you realize that it is not that different from even today. It just shows that the devil fights the hardest where the truth is. If you have the truth expect great opposition.

After that it was a pretty normal day. We saw and visited Comfort and a few other investigators. Later that night, we met with the Branch President and because the power was out we used the church generator for our meeting.

Saturday morning we went over and helped clean the church. We also helped the Branch President get a keyboard for the church computer. We taught a few good lessons and the power went out again. That made the night a little hot but it was still manageable.

Sunday we had church. Since the power was out our attendance was low because most of the people felt uncomfortable to show up in wrinkly clothes. It was still a good day.

Monday, today, we played soccer at the MTC building with another Zone and it was fun.

Take care.

-Elder Orton




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