The Worst Roads Lead to Comfort

This week has been good but I did have a few trials which were tests of my patience. Our days are so busy and we do a lot of walking. I always feel a little tired, but the good news is I don’t really have any trouble sleeping.

This week was super fast. The highlight of the week was the Saturday baptismal services for Victor, Samuel, and Comfort. They are great. All three of these wonderful people were friends with other members of the church before they joined. I admire how hard they work. Comfort works at a soup factory. Samuel washes cars. I can’t remember what Victor does for a living but he stays busy. We will be teaching them for some time and they make us happy. They will all be introducing us to their friends.

We had some rain this week which I thought was nice as it helped cool the weather down. When it rains some streets are muddy but still walkable and others are streets are not good at all. The roads by Victor and Sam are fine. The worst roads are by where Comfort lives.

Take care,
Elder Orton

Elder Burr just returned and reported his mission. He brought some of Elder Orton’s pictures home on a USB drive. Here are a few:

Images by Tema New Town

Images of life pictured by Elder Orton in Tema New Town

Elder Orton captured this by Tema New Town

Elder Orton captured this by Tema New Town

Elder Orton saw some work of fisherman

Elder Orton caught this picture of the work of fisherman

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