Ghana Missionary Naturally Fit Program

Just for fun here are my walking stats:

Mission to date miles: 2,420.66
Mission to date steps: 5,688,551
Average miles per week: 29.88
Average miles per day: 4.26
Calories burned from walking: 206,966.4
Calorie Equivalent in Big Macs*: 444

This week was also a fast one. Tuesday we all cleaned our apartments. This happened because President Heid asked the entire mission to dedicate Tuesday morning (just this week) to cleaning our apartments. I guess most missionaries have had a difficult time keeping their apartments clean enough with the short amount of time we normally have to do this. So everyone in the mission deep cleaned their apartments. Our apartment stays pretty clean but we still found things we could do like clean out the fridge and clean all of the windows that we don’t normally have time to do.

After the cleaning was finished, Elder Aloysius and I went to Accra where we were tutored on English and piano. This training went well but we didn’t get back until late because of the transportation. We had to wait for over an hour for the tro tro (bus) to fill up and go.

Side note from family – On the website Easy Track Ghana it states:

“A tro tro is a shell of a vehicle, usually a minivan, that holds 16-24 people, crammed as tightly as possible. Tro tros travel every bit of road in Ghana, making them a valuable link in the transportation system for smaller town and villages. As a rule, tro tros are uncomfortable, dirty, dangerous and yet thoroughly exciting for an adventurous visitor to Ghana. This is an excellent ways to rub elbows with people – literally!

Tro tros pose a higher probability of risk to your health than mosquito/malaria roulette does.”

Wednesday nothing really special happened that I can remember. Thursday we taught a scripture study class that our branch wanted us to do because the Institute and Seminary programs are struggling in our branch. They wanted a class they knew would be regular so I have tried teaching that with Elder Jorgensen. We are studying the New Testament and is going well so far. I have learned a lot.

Friday was an exchange and a service project. During my exchange with Elder Jorgensen we taught a woman named Rota. Rota is deaf so we write down a lot of what we teach her and we used sign language when we knew how. I think she is great. She is very nice and has come to church two or three times.

We also did a service project for Presidents school. He asked me to come take this picture for him to show how the service project our mission did helped his school. We dug all of the trenches and laid all of the pipe for his water.

Saturday we got to go to our Stake Priesthood Meeting and it went very well. It was really nice because we had a lot of our converts receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. It is always nice to see others make the right kind of progress.

Thank you for your prayers. I am very confident they make a difference. I am enjoying my mission. Of course it is still life with its ups and downs but I feel happy with the success we have had in changing people’s lives, including my own life. I know the credit is not necessarily my own but I feel the happiness none the less.

Over all it was a good week.

-Elder Orton

* McDonald’s and Big Macs not available in any Ghana location.

President Ike had me take this picture to show how our mission service project helped his school.

President Ike had me take this picture to thank us and show how our mission service project helped his school get water.

President Ike and Elder Orton during the mission service project

President Ike and Elder Orton during the mission service project

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