Softening by Fire

Mission life is still great. This week started out pretty normal with the usual meetings. The meetings were good but they usually are. We also had a few good lessons. Wednesday we met with our Branch President at his house and had a really nice lesson with them. We planned on talking to them about the Book of Mormon but it quickly changed to a more inspired topic. I felt that we should talk about Patriarchal Blessings, and found out that Sister Azumah had been thinking about it since early in the morning and that President Azumah had plans to set up an appointment to get one earlier but had forgotten because of the innumerable distractions he has had as a Branch President and Principal. They asked several questions about how it works what they need to do and things like that. We had a good lesson with them. The spirit was strong and they made a new resolution to prepare to get their Patriarchal Blessings.

Thursday was Ghana’s Independence Day and as a mission we had to be in at 7:00 for curfew.

(The family found on a website: “On March 6, Ghana’s 58th Independence Day, the country is well into its worst energy crisis in decades. Water levels at the dam are at critical lows, and there are problems with its thermal plants, leading to 24-hour blackouts.”

“Dumsor (literally “off-on” in the Akan language) has crippled factories and shops. Most refrigerators have become useless, so people have started buying groceries daily. The torpor that comes from several hot, sleepless nights staring bitterly at an unmoving fan or a dead air conditioner is now known as dumsor fever.”

“The Ottawacitizen website states that, “Power is so scarce it is rationed in a way that is disrupting everyday life. You get 12 hours of power, followed by 24 hours without, and there is no warning when the power goes off.”)

Saturday we had a fireside and it went very well and the power didn’t go out. The members helped us and even provided refreshments and that was great. It was also on Saturday that we had a water pipe break at the church. It was spraying out a lot of water so we had to turn off the water. Not too long after turning the water off, President Azumah came and we explained the problem to him and how we planned on fixing it. He said, “Good you should try it.” We did try to fix it and it didn’t work. When we turned on the water the pipe broke again so we quickly turned the water back off. He asked if we could find the PVC parts the church had. We found the parts but none of them would work. He asked us to go get some cardboard and matches. We followed his instructions and then he lit the cardboard on fire to softened one of the pipes over the flame. This way the pipe would fit over the other pipe and he glued them together. That fixed it. I guess we were just using the wrong tools.

On Sunday we had an amazing lesson with a lady named Ama. Ama is a friend to the less active member we helped reactivate that I told you about earlier. She came to church and we had a lesson with her after at church. That way we had a translator available to help us communicate better because Ama didn’t speak much English. Through the translator we she explained that when she first walked in she knew that the church was true. The feeling she said she felt helped her to know that this is the right place for her to be. We had a great lesson with her. She was very happy and immediately accepted a baptismal date. She did say that she might travel soon but she would try her best to stay.

That is my week in a nut shell.

– Elder Orton

A home out by where Elder Orton taught an investigator

A home out by where Elder Orton taught an investigator

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